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Aug 30, 2011 04:13 AM

Any noteworthy coastal Maine restaurants damaged in this weekend's hurricane?

Question for the Maine locals:

Have you guys heard about any notable restaurant closings along or near the Maine coast due to this past weekend's rough weather? Were there any specific towns or areas of the state that really got hammered by the hurricane?

Just wondering how bad things got up there, as I'm planning to go up to Maine this weekend (final trip of the year for me) and would love a heads up so that I don't have to waste time driving to a place that unexpectedly had to close due to hurricane damage.

Thanks so much for any help you can provide.

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  1. No damage on the midcoast, and I don't think there was any significant damage anywhere on the entire coast. Storm took a more westerly track...looks like Vermont was the hardest hit of the New England states....

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    1. re: MidCoastMaineiac

      Thanks for the heads up. Glad to hear the area was spared the brunt of the storm.

    2. Not sure where exactaly you are headed so I just looked up here:,

      looks like a couple of areas around the Southern coast had some power outages, but nothing major I've heard of on all the reporting. Just before you make final plans I'd just call the Chamber of the area you are heading to make sure what you want has no issues.

      Hope you have a good visit.

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