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Aug 30, 2011 04:12 AM

Where can I buy DRY chow fun noodles?

I'm doing an art project (think the macaroni art you made as a kid, all grown up) and I'm looking for flat wide noodles to use in the images. Any ideas where I can buy these? I'm located in Ditmas Park, Brooklyn, and I would be willing to head into the city. Thanks!

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  1. You can buy dry noodles of all kinds, including the dried version of Ho Fun used in Chow Fun dishes (fresh Ho Fun noodles are typically used for the Chow Fun dishes), at a large Chinese supermarket in any of the major Chinatowns in NYC.

    You need not go into Manhattan’s Chinatown where parking is a major hassle to find your dry noodles, as there is a nearby large Chinatown within several miles of Ditmas Park in the Sunset Chinatown where there are chock full of Chinese stores on 8th Avenue between 50th Street and all the way down to around 65th Street, and including many of the side streets along 8th Avenue. Although we have to mention that the Sunset Chinatown is becoming increasingly difficult to find parking also.

    Probably the best bet is to find one of the large Chinese Supermarkets at the southern end of the Sunset Chinatown that should carry a large variety of dry Chinese noodles to choose from. Several of the large Chinese supermarkets in the Sunset Chinatown even have available parking.

    Here is an old June 2010 Chowhound posting discussing Chinese Supermarkets in the Sunset Chinatown: (


    And at the Yelp site they list a number of Chinese supermarkets in the Brooklyn area: (


    Or you can just drive slowly along 8th Avenue at the southern end of the Sunset Chinatown and you will eventually find one of those large Chinese supermarkets.

    Good luck.

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      lwong is correct but there's even an easier way than Sunset Park. Go to Ave U between E.14th and E.17th and step in to one of the Chinese groceries there. Much closer to you in Ditmas Park than 8th Ave wouild be.

    2. Thanks to both of you! It was fun to check out the markets. I prefer eating the fresh ones (and I have a lady on the corner of grand and bowery where I buy them) but the selection really added something to the project.