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Aug 30, 2011 02:51 AM

Your Go-To Pancake Spot

Help me out with where to find the best pancakes in town. I'm a big fan of thick and spongy discs that soak up syrup by the quart. Thanks!

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  1. The Dutch Eating Place in the Reading Terminal Market is my weekly go-to place for fluffy pancakes with delicious syrup. Nothing frou-frou here (just a choice of regular or blueberry) but they do it right. They are only open from Wednesdays through Saturdays...

    1. Cafe Lift on 13th just north of Callowhill serves great pancakes in a very comfortable industrial setting. People are very nice as well, closed Monday. Street parking in front.

      1. I really like the Silk City Cakes -- a little thin and crispy on the end, with lardons in the batter and maple butter on top.

        1. Based on a Philly Mag recommendation, I tried the Gingerbread Pancakes at Nudy's (multiple locations). For me, they are now my "go-to" pancake. Not too sweet, just a little extra something that makes them so very worth the carbs.

          1. "Thick and spongy discs that soak up syrup by the quart."
            You forgot, "griddled to a smooth medium tan on both sides that could never be replicated at home." This requires a huge seasoned and evenly heated iron griddle - no buttered frying pan over a hot coil or flame.
            My only memory of such still exists at the three surviving HoJo's - available at two upstate NY and one ME location.
            International Hut of Crapohydrates will never compare.

            P.S. Take along your own bottle of "Grade B" maple syrup.

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              "Take along your own bottle of "Grade B" maple syrup" I highly second this! Everywhere you go, restaurants serving that crappy fake stuff. It's usually not about the pancakes, though I still prefer my own, which are made from scratch, but the 'syrup' that the restaurants generally serve, is horrendous!

              1. re: gardens4me

                I'm a Sabrina's fan. I get their pancakes every time I go.