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Aug 30, 2011 02:24 AM

The latest about All Clad D5 & 20th Anniversary ?

Hello, we are new to the board and live outside the US. We have been researching the All Clad D5 for some time, and came upon some posts here that the new 20th Anniversary line was to bridge the gap between the 3ply stainless and the d5 ergo better handles, flared pouring rim, induction-compatible, etc.

Does anyone have an update? Is the D5 now available in other stores (apart from WS)?

Is the Anniversary line now available?

Has anyone used it yet?

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  1. I haven't been in a W-S store lately, but the 40th anniversary stuff was in the last catalog, and is on the web site as well. It mentions the new handles, etc.

    1. I've seen D5 being offered at Bloomingdale's on their website and I think Amazon.

      I just ordered the 40th Anniversary American Pan from Macy's. It's the regular tri-ply, but has the updated feature of the pouring rim and larger (casserole) handles. I'll report back when I receive it.

      Just an FYI on this particular pan - some website have it listed as 3 quarts and some 4 quarts. The All-Clad website only introduces the pan and not the sizes it comes in. I honestly don't know what size it is and may go back immediately if it's a 3 quart, as I don't need this pan design (casserole handles) in a 3 quart. In as much as I can, I'm trying to transition to casserole type handles because the design is just easier for me to maneuver these days.