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Aug 29, 2011 10:17 PM

Providence Pizza

Will be travelling thru and have two questions:

1) When talking about Providence style pizza, are we NECESSARILY talking about strips or is there something else;

2) where do the locals go?


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  1. Pizza strips and the style of pizza served at Twins, Casserta's and Tommy's are two different animals.

    Pizza strips are served room temp, have no cheese and a relatively spicy oily sauce. They are a staple of children's birthday parties and are available at bakeries and corner stores.

    Providence style pizza is rectangular with a thick crust. At most places, you need to specify cheese as a topping.

    For my money Twins is the place to go for pizza. Order one well done. Locals have been known to specify which cook they want to make their pizza. Given its location in the heart of North Providence it is also great spot for people watching. Track suits, velour and large hair abound.

    1. Bobby & Timmy' Grilled Pizza (Spruce Street?) just off of the federal hill section is really good grilled pizza (although I haven't been in a couple of years). Also Al Forno just off of Wickenden street makes an amazing pie (the rest of their food is very good and very expensive as well). On Wickenden street Felini's also make a respectable slice (expensive slices).

      1. The locals love Caserta's on Federal Hill. I've only tried it once, but don't have fond memories of it. I remember being suspicious when they asked if we "wanted cheese" on it. The fact that it's served on a cafeteria tray was another surprise. That was in my first year in RI though, so it could just have been shock & surprise that ALL pizza wasn't nice, thin, crispy NY Style pizza. I really need to give it another chance. And I'd recommend checking it out if only for some beautiful RI color.

        Also on the hill is Bob & Timmy's. They do grilled pizzas which are pretty good Bit of a strange location, and no frills, but the pizza was pretty good as I recall (haven't been there in a while either).

        RI is not a pizza state, that's what it comes down to. If you are just travelling through I'd recommend stopping at a hot wiener place...that is Rhode Island all the way!

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        1. re: ezra9876

          Try Twins in North Providence.

          Did you get cheese on your pizza at Caserta? We never get it with cheese. Mushrooms and olives is the way to go. Try it again! Twins is similar. Order your pizza well done at Twins.

          RI is not a NY style pizza state, that is true. Now, NY System wieners, that's another story. 8<D

          NY System Restaurant
          18 Plainfield St, Providence, RI 02909

        2. Nice Slice on Thayer St in Providence and 2 Guys from Italy on Warwick Ave in Warwick are my 2 favorites. Both serve thin crust pizza and are closer to a NY style than a Cicilian or "Providence tyle."

          Nice Slice
          267 Thayer St, Providence, RI 02906

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          1. re: joe777cool

            Glad to learn that Nice Slice is still there. I worked part-time in Prov. 5 years ago and they were
            on my regular lunch circuit. Excellent NY style pizza.

            Nice Slice
            267 Thayer St, Providence, RI 02906