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Aug 29, 2011 10:06 PM

Dad's 60th birthday dinner MENU - Food and Wine Pairing HELP QUICK!

oops, probably posted in wrong section... but anyway.

My dad is turning 60 this weekend and I'm making a meal. Pairings are so important…like, eating Rold Gold Pretzels and Rootbeer. I want to make sure my pairings are on point and that he'll remember it.

The menu will mainly consist of proteins. Unfortunately I won't be killing any fish this week nor will I be serving hunted meat :( though I should serve that sheep from last week... or trick em and give em 1 of 10 wild boar cheeks. mohahaha. My parents hate that I hunt but love that I bring lobster, grouper, and scallops back. They're Asian you'd think they'd be down for eating dog.

go figure :)

Anyway without further ado here are my ideas and pairings with obvious holes:

Have at it, thanks.

Kumamoto Oysters & Blue Point or Fanny Bay w/ Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc. Crisp, acidic, goes well with the ocean. I love it with Oysters.

Diver Scallop Ceviche w/ Blood orange, lava salt & some chardonnay by the ocean…recs?

O-Toro Tuna & Yellowtail Belly w/ Champagne or Champagne blend…recs?

250F salmon w/ bell pepper puree, wild mushrooms … (no clue. Was thinkin a Riesling before moving to Pinot in the dish after next…)

Santa Barbara live spot Prawn w/ Grade A Seared Foie Gras & beet sauce (Sauternes still? I’ve seen this pairing more with cold foie).

Roast Liberty Duck, sautéed spinach w/ 30Y aged warm balsamic vinegar w/ Melville (Carrie’s)

Colorado Lamb Chops (with the fat cap of course), parmesan cream sauce, black truffles w/ 1986 Lafite & Pichon-Longueville

Prime Ribeye , mashed potatoes w/ Nicolas Catena Zapata 2007 and 2008 Scarecrow

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  1. Looks incredible. Lucky dad.

    Only suggestion is the order. My wife contends that she can't drink champagne after white wine, only before. I think she's right. So, I'd move the champagne upfront.

    For me, I have the same issue with Sauternes. They're for the end of the meal despite traditional pairing w fois gras. Sauternes are too viscous for insertion in the middle of a wine pairing lineup. Save for the finale!

    Have fun!

    1. Since you LOVE SB with oysters, you should serve that. Personally, I prefer Muscadet or Champagne.

      Where are you getting blood oranges in September? I like Chardonnay with Scallops, but it depends upon which one, and from where. What did you have in mind? I like Premiere Cru Chablis (especially Les Fourchaumes)

      I like the Champagne with the tuna. ;)

      I'd move to Pinot Noir with the salmon. it's spot on with the mushrooms. and I'd serve the Prawn and foie gras before the salmon, with Chardonnay.

      I have no idea what "Melville's" is, but Pinot Noir loves duck and vice versa. Maybe a premier cru Burgundy?

      Your Parmesan cream sauce and truffles may be too much for Bordeaux that old. I'd prepare the chops much more simply to show the wine to better advantage.

      Why steak after lamb chops? I'm in your dad's age bracket, and that would be overkill for me and mine.....

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      1. re: ChefJune

        Thank you, I am going with an Oregon Russian River Pinot with the Salmon and an Arneis with the scallops.

        We'll start the celebratory meal with the Champagne.

        The Pinot with the Duck we're going to use something a little bigger in 2007 Roessler La Encantada Pinot Noir. Melville is a winery out here that rates btwn 90-95, one of the more popular pinots from a bit north of Santa Barbara, CA

        And interesting take on the chardonnay. I love it with the prawn not sure as I haven't had it with the foie gras. Sometimes won't know how things will play out until it's game time huh :D

        Thank you for the order with the Prawn/Foie -->salmon--> but I thought hard about this one and though the wine pairing may make sense white--> red logistically it wouldn't work as I don't have a double oven and wanted to have a little spacing btwn oven dishes. I'll have to think about this one. Your rec may make sense to serve the duck right after the salmon so the duck would actually complete before the salmon in the oven, rest, and the salmon would get a quick cook to MRare.

        BTW, I love Liberty ducks. They supply the best restaurants in USA
        fair prices too.

        As for the steak after lamb, I have eaten lamb multiple times as a finishing protein and have never once felt closure :


        Also a lot of wines and it was requested to have the Cab/Malbec from Argentina too.

        I have no qualms about eating for 6 hours... we'll see how my old man holds up :)



        Oops I started another thread in a different section that got a few more posts: