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ISO Diablito & Corn ice cream

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Anyone know where I can find these in the city? or somewhere along the peninsula?


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  1. If you can make it to Oakland's Fruitvale Neighborhood, you can get diablito raspados and elote/corn ice cream at Nieves Cinco de Mayo.

    Nieves Cinco de Mayo
    3340 E 12th St, Oakland, CA 94601

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      so i guess none in the city or the peninsula :(


    2. Last week this post spotted a new Mexican ice cream place in Redwood City that sounds like a good candidate. Please check it out for us!

      1. Whole Foods used to carry a corn ice cream from Azul. Not sure if they still do.

        1. More of an East Bay source than SF/Peninsula, but I know they're at least showing up at the Ferry Building a couple days of the week - Scream Sorbet had a corn flavor available the last time I dropped by their Telegraph Ave. storefront.

          Scream Sorbet
          5030 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA

          1. Tara's in Berkeley often has corn ice cream. You can check their flavors in facebook.

            1. Naia Gelato on Columbus in SF had roasted corn gelato today. It was very flavorful.