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Aug 29, 2011 09:09 PM

ISO Diablito & Corn ice cream

Anyone know where I can find these in the city? or somewhere along the peninsula?


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  1. If you can make it to Oakland's Fruitvale Neighborhood, you can get diablito raspados and elote/corn ice cream at Nieves Cinco de Mayo.

    Nieves Cinco de Mayo
    3340 E 12th St, Oakland, CA 94601

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    1. re: milklady

      so i guess none in the city or the peninsula :(


    2. Last week this post spotted a new Mexican ice cream place in Redwood City that sounds like a good candidate. Please check it out for us!

      1. Whole Foods used to carry a corn ice cream from Azul. Not sure if they still do.

        1. More of an East Bay source than SF/Peninsula, but I know they're at least showing up at the Ferry Building a couple days of the week - Scream Sorbet had a corn flavor available the last time I dropped by their Telegraph Ave. storefront.

          Scream Sorbet
          5030 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA

          1. Tara's in Berkeley often has corn ice cream. You can check their flavors in facebook.