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Aug 29, 2011 07:10 PM

Nosh Bistro Questions.....

So I finally decided on Nosh for our girls weekend dinner on Saturday night. The menu looks great. Anybody have any reviews on this place? Leslie Brenner seems to like it. :) Also, there is a possibility that we might get to sit in the wine cellar....any experience with that or the chef's bar/table overlooking the kitchen? I figure it might be too busy/distracting at the chef's table to have a conversation with my friends. Also, only 3 of us drink and one of the 3 prefers cocktails so....are we expected to order a bottle of wine or are wines by the glass ok to order when dining in the wine cellar? Although, looking at the wine menu we may order a bottle of moderately priced wine.......any other thoughts or suggestions???

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  1. Didn't know there was a chef's table!! Anyone been? Wondering how Avner's personality meshes with the chef's table concept ...

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      I just did a bit more research and it is called the kitchen bar. You order off the regular menu but you do get to sit at the bar overlooking the kitchen.......

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        We were there for Restaurant Week. The food was great and the service excellent. The room that we were in had a tv screen showing what was going on in the kitchen. Not as exciting as sitting at the chef's table, but a way to see what's going on in the kitchen while seated in a quiet room. Before we left we peeked into the wine celler. It would be a nice place for a small group.

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          I always sit at the bar overlooking the kitchen but it is not a good choice for a girl's dinner heavy on conversation. Just get a table in the dining room.