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Aug 29, 2011 05:15 PM

Dinner, Hammondsport to Dundee

Looking for suggestions on where to eat dinner after the battle of the rieslings (DR Frank v Hermann Weimer.

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  1. In Hammondsport, the Village Tavern. It's right on the town green. Looks like a dark dive bar when you walk inbut the food is fresh and innovative. Also local wines by the glass.

    Bully Hill operates a restaurant, check their website for the menu. I haven't been but it looks good.

    The tasting room staff at Konstantin Frank once recommended Lakeside on 54A, north of them, and I meant to try it on my next trip.

    Village Tavern Restaurant
    30 Mechanic St, Hammondsport, NY 14840

    1. I'll second the Village Tavern. Good food, wine, and nice beer selection if you are sick of wine by then.

      Or if you are doing Dr. Frank first and Wiemer second, you can drive north from Wiemer to Ports Cafe (, just south of Geneva. Some really fun food in another place that doesn't look like much -- I think it was a former roadside convenience store.

      You will be near some other worthy wineries going between those two excellent choices. If you have any sobriety left, Anthony Road (north of Wiemer) and Ravines (across the lake from Dr. F) are both very good.

      Village Tavern Restaurant
      30 Mechanic St, Hammondsport, NY 14840

      1. I'm not a big fan of Village Tavern. Last time I was around Keuka I had a decent but simple lunch at La Cocina, a little Mexican place in the center of Penn Yan (near the post office).
        And the Dresden Hotel, on Main St. sounds like it might be worth a stop.

        La Cocina
        16 Maiden Ln, Penn Yan, NY 14527