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Israel: Preserved lemon salad?

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I was in Israel a couple months ago and at a restaurant in Beersheba (Beit Ha-Ful) got an arrangement of salads. One of them looked like chopped yellow morsels (preserved lemon), in a reddish sauce. The taste was definitely that of preserved lemon, but milder than if you just ate it by itself. Wondering if anybody knows what this salad is called and/or how to make it? The restaurant was serving a lot of Egyptian food as well, so it could be more of an Egyptian dish.

(I know this is more of a cooking question, but I figured it's more likely for the right person to see this question on this board).

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  1. Sounds like amba. It is a mango pickle relish, very popular in Israel: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amba_(co....