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Aug 29, 2011 03:24 PM

Seasons Queens, NY

I feel like I am doing some kind of crazy kosher supermarket tour of the East Cost lol ;)

Seriously, though. The new Seasons is stunning! I thought it would be overpriced (like Pomegrante) but that really wasnt the case. Meat specials really were SPECIALS (e.g. chicken breast on the bone for $1.99- never seen that price before in NJ except maybe Fairways on sale), DH said their vanilla rogelach was amazing, and the food in display case looked really fresh. They told DH that everything there had been made within the past 4 hours and they adhere strictly to that rule to ensure quality.

(What's the deal with Seasons, btw? Are they related to Pomegrante or maybe Rockland Kosher? The store layout seems kinda similar to Pomegrante)

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  1. The owner worked as a manager at Pomegranate, and at Supersol Queens before that.