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Aug 29, 2011 02:37 PM

Best Buffet in Singapore

I will be visiting Singapore for 4 days and want to get a taste of everything (i know this is nearly impossible!). As for buffets which do you recommend if I can only do one. These are some that I have heard good reviews, let me know what you think and any other additions you have:

Todai Seafood Buffet
MELT at the Mandarin Oriental
The Line Buffet at Shangri la
Cherry GArden Champagne dim sum brunch

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  1. The one I had at the Grand Hyatt at Scotts Road was very good! Tasty multi national authentic ethnic dishes! Too much choices too small a stomach!!

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      Charles, you must be talking about Straits Kitchen at Grand Hyatt.

      I think the biggest buffet in Singapore nowadays is at Rise, Marina Bay Sands but my favourite is still the Line at Shangri-La which has better quality. A few other hotels also have good buffets, like Four Seasons, JW Marriott, Fullerton and Conrad.

      Hotels with not so good buffets are Mandarin Orchard (used to be excellent but the quality went downhill in recent years), St Regis (too expensive & too few choices at breakfast). Don't go to Raffles Hotel for breakfast if you're not an in-house hotel guest there - you'll not be allowed into the nice Tiffin Room but asked to go to Ah Teng's Bakery.

      1. re: M_Gomez

        Hi vivers, just some additional feedback on the choices you mentioned -

        Todai is a recent import of a US chain actually, focusing on Japanese food & more mid- / budget- in quality than the hotel buffets which typically will have a selection of local Chinese, Indian, Malay / Indonesian... etc. Think you might want to skip Todai to be honest.

        If you want to try a wide variety of local food, Straits Kitchen @ Grand Hyatt is the best bet, though you can find better versions of each item they serve there, at other places (as covered on this board prev).

        Melt has a smaller selection of hot food but of generally reliable quality.

        The Line has a wider range of food but inconsistent quality (3 out of 5 times I've visited recently were good, 2 - most recent - bad).

        Cherry Garden's dim sum brunch is only Chinese dim sum, so less range than the "intercontinental" (i.e. a bit of everything) buffets of The Line, Melt. Char siu bao there is one of the best in Singapore though.

        Cherry Garden
        Level 5, Mandarin Oriental Singapore, Singapore 039797, SG

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          Good observation & tips, RipCurl. By the way, my favourite buffet in Singapore is the one at Princess Terrace in Copthorne Kings Hotel serving Penang nonya food. I like the nasi ulam which you cannot find anywhere else in Singapore, the nasi kunyit with chicken curry, the pig's stomach soup with is so full of pepper flavour, the nonya kueh-kueh, the satay which is also among the best we have in Singapore, plus the Penang assam laksa and Hokkien prawn mee.

          1. re: M_Gomez

            Thanks! Must confess that my favourite part of the Princess Terrace buffet is the DIY chendol / ice-kachang. :)

            1. re: RipCurl

              My favourite part of the buffet is the nonya kuehs, and I especially like the pulot seri kaya - best kaya in Singapore, in my opinion.

              Another very popular buffet in town in Carousel at Royal Plaza at Scotts. The IS magazine readers have been voting it as the best buffet restaurant in Singapore for years. I must say it's quite good although the food is all halal as the hotel is owned by the Sultan of Brunei who requires all the food there to be suitable for Muslims.

    2. Basilico at The regent is also a good buffet that is skewed towards Italian food.
      Rang Mahal lunch buffet is also good if you want an Indian option.