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Aug 29, 2011 02:16 PM

excellent fried clams on Campobello?

My sister, a Chowhound of impressive taste, just got back from Campobello and said that she'd had great fried clams "out near the lighthouse" - anybody know what she meant? She couldn't remember the name of the place or exact directions. Thanks!

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  1. I'd love to know too....we are going to be there next week....

    1. She may be speaking about the lighthouse near the FDR bridge, which links Lubec, ME & Campobello Island. I went to both last year and I don't remember coming across any fried clams shacks or too many restaurants on Campobello for that matter. Maybe this place is on Narrows Road or Rt 774 (judging by your sister's description)? If you do find out the name & location of the place, please let me know as well. Outside of that, there's a big golf course on the island which serves a pretty decent breakfast. Their fish & potato cakes are worth the passport stamp alone. It's about two miles from the bridge. You'll see signs as soon as you exit. Other than that, I only remember running into sandwich/fried food shacks and supermarkets. Another tip is I believe sea urchin season (Gulf of Maine/Bay of Fundy) starts soon. I imagine the fishermen will be more than happy to crack some open for you right off the boat i you offer to purchase.

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          Wow, uni just off the boat? That's insane, in the best possible way. Worth trying, to be sure!

          Actually, I think my sister was talking about Family Fisheries Takeout, down towards East Quoddy Light.

        2. We made it to the Family Fisheries restaurant on Campobello and really liked it. Didn't have the fried clams, so can't speak to those, but the fried haddock was spot on and used super good fish. The fish chowder was also nigh on to perfect.

          Tried, although not too diligently, to find someone to sell us uni, but no luck with that.

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            Yup, we went too and had the seafood combo dinner - a preposterous amount of very good food. Haddock was gorgeous, clams, scallops and shrimp lovely. We got a completely unnecessary "small" side of poutine because I've been poutine-deprived for awhile. Seafood had quite a lot of cornmeal in the breading which was delicious, and absolutely greaseless! We brought supper out to the lighthouse to eat - a delightful afternoon!