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A sad State

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Its a sad state that all people can mention is a far off burger joint (with respect ) and a hotdog cart. I believe what your looking for is holsome honest food. restaurants.

Five in toronto & area in no particular order.

Ding ti phong Markham = hand made shanghi style dim sum (cashew chicken) non adventureous need not attend.

Abruzzo pizza Richmond Hill = best pizza in toronto (deep fried panzarotto with extra meat sauce)

Teddys in Oshawa = diner/deli (classic rubin, or turkey on toast) leave your pretenses at home

Bamiyan kabob Markham = its a change and something different for now.

and ya want a burger FIVE GUYS hwy 7 Weston rd but its a burger the way it should be carny food.
speaking of that. peameal on a bun Carnaval @ St.Lawrence market yum... get in line now

Now here is a question why do you think there is not very many Quality Restaurants in toronto or world class chefs opening restaurants in Toronto..

160 York Blvd, Richmond Hill, ON L4B, CA

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  1. That's just empirically untrue. I'm not really sure what the point of your post is getting at either.

    1. How is Teddy's not "far off"? And how is a deep fried panzarotto a pizza?

      1. Been anywhere south of the 401 lately? Read any articles on the chefs planning to set up shop in Toronto? Its Carousel Bakery in SLM. Your wrong on many levels.

        1. "Now here is a question why do you think there is not very many Quality Restaurants in Toronto or world class chefs opening restaurants in Toronto."

          I don't. There's lots of good food in Toronto, and a number of world class chefs are opening restaurants here. (Not that that is always a harbinger of great food).

          I'm confused by your post. The first part of your post praises a few restaurants then you go on to insult the Toronto restaurant scene. There's lots of wholesome honest food in this city and it gets lots of kudos on this board. What's your point?

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            I like Teddy's as well, especially the turkey dinner. But it's a 45-minute drive east along the always-jammed Highway 401 from the Yonge St. exit. So unless you have other business out that way, it's a non-contender in the GTA good-food sweepstakes. I also like the tasty kebobs at Bamiyan Kebob, though I've only been to its original outlet near Eglinton Ave. E. and Don Mills Rd. The back bacon on a bun at Carousel Bakery is solid. I don't know the OP's other choices all that well, though they also seem to be joints with good, solid eatin' at attractive prices. Perhaps, then, the OP could give us some context for his/her overall poo-pooing of GTA restos, and entertain us with a listing of those restos that have sorely disappointed him/her over the last little while. Then we'll know where he/she is coming from.

          2. I am a bit confused about what is defined as "wholesome" and "honest" food. Deep fried panzarotto and peameal bacon are not what I would typically classify as wholesome or healthy. Would be interesting to hear your take on this. I agree with the other posters. There are many many quality restaurants in Toronto...having said that, you might want to define 'quality" as well.