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Aug 29, 2011 01:55 PM

Anything really exciting around Geneva?

I know, Geneva is not in France, but its surroundings are.

Will be in the area on wednesday with my wife, and would love a great experience, not one that lasts four hours (not that I'm opposed, obviously, but don't have time this time) or costs as much as my Parisian rent (again, not a matter of principle!). I'm driving back to Paris after lunch and starting a new job the next day. So, why my instinct would be to drive into the Alps, the logic is to drive away. Sigh.

Any idea? I see a Michelin starred Indian in Geneva that intrigues me, am obviously considering Blanc's Vieille Auberge in Vonnas, always dreamed of l'Auberge du Père Bise, especially now that Hubert Couilloud, he who was the soul of Bernard Loiseau's restaurant, is the captain there, also always wanted to try Emmanuel Renaut's food (Le Flocon de Sel) but Mégève is probably too far.

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  1. l'Auberge du Pere Bise was less than stellar when l went some time back, beautiful, but just OK. Rochat in Crissier on the other hand, was an oh my

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      Three times at Rochat and still waiting for an oh, not to mention an oh my. Rabaey on the other hand, was oh my oh my oh my, but he's gone.

      That said, neither qualifies for this trip with little money and no time.

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        Instead you can get a beautiful raclette maker in the town below Chateau Gruyere. The lemon tart at Rochat was my lifetime fav.

    2. Indian? I used to love Rajpoute outside Geneva in Fernay-Voltaire. How I discovered it was that once we were driving to the Alpes from Geneva and, passing by a sleepy village, saw about two dozen cars parked any which way near a barn that looks more like a warehouse than a resto, and you know the Swiss would rather die than to park any which way.
      Another genre that is a delight without costing an arm and a leg and a testicle is to get sautéed fresh perch in the small restaurants around Lake Léman. I don't remember the names, sorriest,e but my fave was on the embarcadère in the lovely seaside village of Nernier, which you can reach by ferry from Geneva, or of course drive. There is also a greasy spoon on the waterfront between Montreux and Vevey which has great perches too.
      Si non, on the Alpine road to Lake Annecy near Menthon St Bernard, the ferme-auberge Charbonnière will, if you reserve, have its own reblochon heating and drip-drip-dripping on your fresh ham&onion tartiflette. Very peasanty and good. A hymn to carnivorism. (Watch out: the google map of the farm is wrong. The farm is between Bluffy and Menthon St Bernard.)
      Admittedly, not the type of dining you are used to… :-)

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      1. re: Parigi

        The Indian is called Rasoi and has one Michelin star.

      2. Souphie,
        Another suggestion that may interest you would be Les Morainieres in Jongieux. The young chef Michael Arnoult use to work under Emmanuel Renaut. I chose his restaurant for my birthday dinner 3 years ago, and found his food incredibly creative, perfect execution, generous and seemly pulled of with passion and soul.
        The setting is ethereal high on a hill overlooking the vineyards all the way down to the Rhone. I remember also the exquisite Marestel of vigneron Dupasquier served with my meal.
        All in all a real jewel for food and setting, with menus around 28 to 42.

        1. I haven't been there, but my friend (and former classmate) Marina Reale Laden is chef at the restaurant at Chateau de Coudree on the banks of Lac Leman

          The address says "Sciez." Not sure where that is in relation to where you'll be, but Gault-Millau likes the place... ;)