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Aug 29, 2011 12:42 PM

What's for Dinner - Part #104 [old]

Time to move on. Irene has come and gone and our tomato garden is flattened. Weather happens here on the Sou'west Shore of Connecticut.

Pasta with olive oil, home-grown grape tomatoes, slivered garlic, mozzarella cubes is on the menu. Haven't divined the wine yet but rest assured it will be something Italian and not too fancy. Football will be on the panel.

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  1. As you said, goodnight irene. Sorry about the tomatoes. It's so hot and dry here, all of ours have been gone for many weeks. Having to make do with the "tomators on the vine" at the stores. Ah, well, it'll soon be time for the Fall gardens.

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    1. re: MaryContrary

      Thanks. We'll re-stake the vines and salvage what we can. No big deal.

      1. re: steve h.

        I remembered that after I replied. Good luck with them.

    2. I hope you were able to rescue as many tomatoes as possible, steve. (at least those grape tomatoes sound rescued.) I drove past several small farms, and the edges of corn fields were flattened. I'm wondering how the local apple & pumpkin orchards fared, as it's almost time for apple picking.

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      1. re: LindaWhit

        No worries, LW.
        I have a big bowl of grape olives and a dozen or so of our hybrid and heirloom guys on the kitchen counter. Deb and I will begin reconstruction sometime after 5 p.m. today (soil is still a little wet). We New Englanders are a hearty lot, whether home gardner or commercial guy. Besides, there's always next season.

      2. Tonight, "velveted" boneless chicken thighs, sauteed with ginger, garlic, choisum and some chili oil. Jasmine rice aside, a bowl of sweet sesame smashed cucumbers, and a plate of sliced mango, melon and papaya later. Not your basic chicken dinner but still a winnah indeed. Glad to know most Chows escaped the wrath that was Irene; good to see everybody here.

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        1. re: mamachef

          That sounds delicious, mama. Tell me more about them smashed cucumbers, please. Why do you smash them?

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            ach! we've missed you! does velveted mean something to do with cornstarch?

            1. re: mariacarmen

              Hey ladies, thanks for the Welcome back. I didn't figure our recent dinners of whatever's around really qualified for a mention. MC2, yep, "velveting" is just marinating 'em in a mixture of cornstarch and soy for a moment before the saute. And inapc, smashing them (post-slicing) makes them less fibrous and they absorb marinade better.
              As it turned out, Dreaded Moreno came into town at the last minute, and he and Mr. went out for a burger and convo. and I went out to a gin-tasting at Acme Bar in Berkeley (Alice Medrich was there, promoting new gins?) and it was a non-event, and I didn't make dinner so what WAS for dinner last night is actually WFD tonight.

              1. re: mamachef

                oh! i thought you were doing an Alice WATERS meet-and-greet! ahahah! gin tasting is actually better!

          2. A lamb burger. Seasoned ground lamb with minced onion, garlic, cumin, paprika, coriander, cinnamon, allspice, and ground clove. Served on naan bread, with mayo and avocado, and sweet potato fries. Mint tea.

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              1. re: Matahari22

                why have i never tried a lamb burger with avocado???? that sounds fantastic.

                1. re: mariacarmen

                  It was a fridge clean out burger, lol, but I'm writing that one down, cause it was worth a repeat. Normally I do the cucumber yogurt thing, but I had no plain yogurt, and the garden is not looking so hot. :( Cukes and zucchini croaked.

              2. I made a roasted butternut squash soup and baked yukon golds with sour cream, homegrown chives, s&p. Simples, as Harter would say.

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                1. re: ChristinaMason

                  That sounds lovely, Christina. Butternut squash soup is a favorite in our family. :)