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Aug 29, 2011 12:42 PM

Great Meal at K Restaurant in College Park (Orlando)

I so rarely get a chance to write about an individual dining experience anymore, that I thought I'd share a short wonderful experience we had at K this weekend.

K is always one of our favorite places in Orlando. It really delivers across several key variables: It retains a few greatest hits on the menu that I'd be disappointed not to see (the fried green tomato app, the filet) but also constantly adds in seasonal and interesting options to please the diner looking for variety. Also, it is a great spot for a couple or group that has diners of various needs or adventurousness. If you are a foodie after unique preparations you could have the beef heart app or the ricotta gnocci with pig's head ragu, or if your tastes are more simple, then the aforementioned filet or the seafood and pasta dishes are usually excellent. All dishes a well-balanced and the portion sizes a reasonable, plus consistency is excellent. The only drawback is no full bar. However, food-wise, it is definitely a top 5 Central Florida spot.

But to us the reason we go there 3 or 4 more times than we hit the Ravenous Pig's and Luma's etc. is because they also have the best waiter in town. We have been clients of Rocky for about 10 years and he finds the perfect tone for delivering a great night out. While his style might not be for everyone, Rocky always brings a complete knowledge of the menu, an informed perspective on what he recommends, and an engaging personality to your dining experience. If you are the type who likes to be served not by some automaton but instead an old-school waiter who adds to the experience, learns your preferences, builds a relationship over time, and never takes anything away from the amazing food experience, I encourage not only to book a table at K, but also ask for Rocky's section.

K Restaurant & Wine Bar
2401 Edgewater Dr., Orlando, FL 32804

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  1. A couple of comments.

    First K in general is a very good restaurant, but from my experience they don't do the big dining out days well. (this past valentines day was my last experience) they limit their menu and overbook the restaurant for the number of wait staff they have. Their annual feast of fonzo, is an event that should be on everyones calendar.

    As for Rocky, he's knowledgeable and exuberant, but I do find that him to be overly familial in his approach. Which is off putting to me. Repeatedly, using the terms "lovey" and "darling" repatedly are examples.

    Btw I'm signed up for la Luce as my first magical dining experience on Thursday, you?

    1. Sent this review to my son in law, who is a big fan of K. He agreed with your review, but his comment was "they don't mention the duck, the best thing on the menu!" So, next time...get the duck and let us know!