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Aug 29, 2011 12:20 PM


Tried to make a slaw yesterday, and the cabbage was very tough. Do you utilize only the very interior of a cabbage when cooking or preparing a cabbage dish?

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  1. I use it all, but I slice it very thin, using the 1mm blade in the Cuisinart.

    1. I'll peel the outer leaves first and I use all but the core...... I do not salt and rinse....and I hand cut thin if a slicer is not available.

      1. I used the outer leaves, sliced very, very, thin. But still too chewy, in my opinion. We felt our mastication was more like chewing the cud!

        1. My grandmother was famous for her cole slaw. She would shred the cabbage very very finely, and I think this alleviated any "toughness" issues.

          1. If you ate it right away, I am not surprised it was too tough. It gets softer as the dressing permeates it, so is better the next day. I use everything except the core, which I like to thin-slice and stir-fry.