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Aug 29, 2011 11:37 AM

Dining tonite at Iron Hill Brewery in Lancaster

Hello, I'll be dining tonite (8/29) at Iron Hill Brewery in Lancaster. Any recommendations on what to order or not order there....? I'm an Out of Towner (Baltimore) and this is a last minute decision to go to Lancaster tonite. Restaurant has been chosen, so I'm looking for specifics...!!


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  1. I had lunch at the one in Wilmington a few years ago. Looking at the menu, I think I had the turkey burger. My friends and I enjoyed both the food and the beer, but there wasn't anything really memorable about either. What did you think?

      1. re: pacheeseguy

        Excited to check this place out, but it wasn't open at the time of the OP. How is the pizza?

        1. re: centralpadiner

          They opened last Tuesday, the specialty pizzas are all flatbread, thin crust.
          I had a pesto/pistachio/smoked blue cheese slice, and a Taleggio/fig slice.
          The beer selection is incredible. Hundreds of bottled beers and an ever changing
          tap selection of craft beers.
          However, they've been running out of pizza frequently. They're working on upping the production,
          but since their all hand made small batch, it'll take awhile to meet demand.

          1. re: pacheeseguy

            I know when they opened, which is how I know they weren't open for the OP, who was going to be in Lancaster the night before, and whose friends had already chosen Iron Hill. ;)

            I saw on their website that the pizza was only available until it ran out due to the way it is made and ingredients sourced. You didn't actually answer if you liked it.

            As for beer, I really like this creative method of becoming a "six pack shop" considering the weird regulations we have about such things in PA. Have you been to the Brass Rail in Campbelltown? Similar idea with really unusual and hard to find beers sold in mix and match sixes as well as several rare brews on tap all located in a little sandwich shop. It has become quite the "college game day" destination for guys that want a nice Belgian Ale to go with their foot long sub.

            1. re: centralpadiner

              Sorry about that......... yes, I did like their pizzas. A bit pricey, but considering the fresh ingredients and the unique combos, worth it IMO.
              The beer selection is a bit of heaven for die hard beer lovers, plus they're listening to customer's requests and comments for bringing in an ever changing variety.
              The mix & match thing is a big hit too.
              Should mention they also serve a small selection of wines and have a limited but adequate variety of mixed drinks available.