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Aug 29, 2011 11:28 AM

Little Saigon - Asian Garden Mall: Outdoor Night Market

I was driving down Bolsa this morning and saw a sign up in front of the Asian Garden Mall advertising a late night outdoor market in their parking lot on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights from 7pm to midnight. It says they have food vendors. Apparently this has been going on all summer, and this upcoming weekend is the last weekend they'll have it. I had not heard anything about this before today. Has anyone checked it out? I'm wondering if it's predominantly food vendors, or more like a swap meet, with just an occasional food stand. Their website is not too helpful

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  1. more like the latter...there's a few food booths, but nothing out of the ordinary: pandan waffles, corn on the cob were two that i recalled

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      i have never been impressed by the food at any vietnamese festival/market/gathering ever, in my 20+ years of existence.

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        my guess (having not been) is it's the same food vendors as new years...? if so, meh. i had a loud disagreement with the waffle people then...