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Aug 29, 2011 11:23 AM

Charlotte, NC - Guys weekend ...please help

Ok ... Heading to Charlotte in few weeks for a Panthers game with about 20 guys ... Need some recs on :

Bars / Nightlife

Food - not fancy or expensive -- hidden gems / good BBQ / cheap eats / etc

and anything else you can thing of ... oh yea ... THANKS !!

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  1. Age range of the guys? Where are you staying? How much do you want to spend?

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    1. re: southernitalian

      guys are ages 35 and up avg age prob 47 ... but we act younger ( and dumber ) ... staying at Embassy Suites on Tryon St ... not afraid to spend $$ but not all out ...

    2. 20 guys? Holy crap! For your size crowd, I would suggest either Mac's Speedshop or McKoy's Smokehouse & Saloon for bbq. Both places are close to downtown and are right around the corner from one another. McKoy's a realy biker bar with good cue, wings, slaw, etc. and Mac's has good cue, brisket, tacos, hushpuppies, etc. and has all walks of life hanging out there (more mainstream crowd - but lively, party atmosphere). Also close by to McKoy's and Mac's is Greek Isles - great, reasonably priced Greek fare (lamb shank - yum), casual environment and they can handle a large party too.

      I'm not sure what sort of bar/nightlife you're interested in but downtown there is an entertainment complex called The Epicentre and their are several bars, restaurants, etc. there. It's kind of lame, my humble opinion, but if you're staying downtown and like the club scene then that's your place. RiRa's is a fun downtown bar (Irish pub that can handle a large group) with a full menu too.

      I'm sure southernitalian an ickymettle will give you some great recs too. Have a great visit!

      Greek Isles
      200 E Bland St Ste B, Charlotte, NC 28203

      McKoy's Smokehouse & Saloon
      4630 Old Pineville Rd, Charlotte, NC 28217

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      1. re: lynnlato

        Lynnlato has some great recs, and McKoy's and Mac's are close to where you are staying. As far as nightlife goes, there is a great deal of it downtown, close to stadium (in and apart from the Epicentre). But lynnlato is right-- a lot of it is pretty lame. But Ri Ra, which she mentions, is alright, as is Connolly's and some other places. I'm in your demographic (35-47 year-old males who act younger and dumber), and I'm NOT a big fan of downtown for several reasons, one of which is because it mainly attracts the under 30-- and often under 25-- crowd. But downtown may be the easiest thing for a group of 20 who will be in that area anyway.

        One great place to eat and drink not too far from your hotel is Sir Edmond Halley's. It's a pretty ideal place for a large group of people, and it serves good food. There are also other bars near there you can walk to such as Duckworth's, Moosehead, Hef's, etc.

        The fact that you have 20 people may keep me from throwing out certain options that would work for a smaller group. That said, Thomas Street Tavern can be fun or big groups and there are other places around that area (the Plaza Midwood area). Up in NoDa, there are a few bars a group that big could hop around to, such as Growlers Pourhouse, Jack Beagle's, Solstice, Sanctuary and Sin City. Revolution Pizza in NoDa has great pizza and a great beer selection and would probably be good for a big group. In that same neighborhood, Cabo Fish Taco has good food and could be good for a big group if you get there early enough.

        Hope this helps!

        Cabo Fish Taco
        3201 N Davidson St, Charlotte, NC 28205

        1. re: ickymettle

          I think you'd be miderable at the Epicenter too. Try Ri-Ra, Connelly's (no food) and/or Dandelion Market (great food - they can accomodate you upstairs, especially if you call ahead).

        1. I think Lynnlato gave some pretty good recommendations. So I'll just add a few comments:

          Connelly's is a noisy bar. Fine, if that's what you want. Ri-Ra has food, and it's passable.

          If you want to drop some bucks and have a meatfest, you might consider Chima, a Brazilian churrascaria. If you don't want to have a meatfest, you can have drinks and order a la carte in their bar.

          Greek Isles gives you a really nice dinner for the price, and it's a big space, so they can handle a large group.

          Oh, and for breakfast, I'll recommend the Greystone, on South Blvd.

          Greystone Restaurant
          3039 South Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28209

          Greek Isles
          200 E Bland St Ste B, Charlotte, NC 28203

          1. Unfortunately, your hotel is not near Uptown, where the stadium is, nor really near any of the other restaurant/nightlife areas mentioned in other responses. How are you planning on getting around? With a group that big, you'd be better off going to one area for the evening, and uptown is, in my opinion, the best place to go. Group of 20 will be tough to accommodate. Try Kings Kitchen, Vida, Vapiano. Maybe Dandelion Market, it's not very big.