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Aug 29, 2011 11:22 AM

Annapolis Valley wineries

we plan on touring some wineries in the Annapolis Valley. Any favourites or spots to skip? Random advice on this appreciated too :)

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  1. Not to be missed are Gaspereau, L'Acadie (which are close to each other) and Grand Pre. You can easily visit these three as well as Muir Murray (near Grand Pre) and Blomidon in the same day.
    Unfortunately, Benjamin Bridge does not have a wine shop that is open to visitors.

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    1. re: boynamedsous

      Would you tour them all, or just do tastings?

      1. re: CanadaGirl

        I don't think all of them offer tours. I am pretty sure Grand Pre does but not sure about the rest.

        1. re: boynamedsous

          Last time I was there only Grand Pre did a tour. L'Acadie let us taste a limited number of their wines, but if there's any way you can get your hands on a bottle of their Alchemy, do it. Gaspereau was incredibly friendly and happy to let us taste whatever we wanted. I wasn't that impressed with either Blomidon or Muir Murray, though Muir Murray had just opened when we visited. Since then Pete Luckett's vineyard has opened as well; I haven't been but it's meant to be very nice.

          If you're looking for food options Le Caveau (at Grand Pre) was fantastic. Between The Bushes (over toward Blomidon) and The Port Gastropub were highly recommended but we didn't manage to stop at either. Paddy's (on Main Street in Wolfville) had good microbrews if you need a wine break.

          This map might help: It also shows the only B&B I'll stay in when visiting the valley.

    2. Update:

      So we did the tours this past weekend. Started out at Gaspereau with a great tour. Best tour of the day IMO, as well as being completely free. Went to L'Acadie next; sparkling was good, but they weren't very friendly. Next stop was Luckett's Vineyard. Beautiful spot, friendly staff, okay wine. Fabulous lunch on the deck. Then we went to Grand Pre, did re tasting but not the tour. Next was Muir Murray; friendly but it's the only winery we left empty handed. Ended the winery tour at Blomidon Estates. The tours and tastings were great

      Last stop was Le Caveau at Grand Pre. AMAZING wasabi crusted tuna.