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Aug 29, 2011 11:02 AM

Delicious food at Gossip on the Exibition Grounds

We check out Gossip on a Friday during the Canadian Nation Exhibition. We had first laid eyes on this great looking restaurant when we were on the CNE grounds going to the event "formerly known as Caribana" parade. We waded through the EX festivities and ended the evening at Gossip.

The great patio was closed due to the dis-assembly that was required for the earlier tornado warnings in Toronto that week (yes I know). Nevertheless Gossip has a beautiful, spacious, and tastefully decorated interior with large window to gaze out of.

There weren't that many people there, because Gossip is usually a corporate destination. Amelia is a warm and gracious manager, and shared some of the details of the operation. The majority of their business comes from private functions that range from Toronto sports leagues to school-teacher functions. Call ahead to make sure the restaurant is available to the general public.

Now on to the food. Gossip has a delicious Spicy Shrimp appetizer that you must sample. As a matter of fact you may want to order several! For mains, we had the Gnocchi with chicken and mushrooms, and Penne with sausage. These were generous portions of well flavored food. The gnocchi was especially outstanding, because we simply couldn't stop eating it even though we were very full.

Gossip's menu changes several times a year according to Amelia, so you may want to go back as often as you can if you find a dish you like.

Gossip Restaurant
50 Prince Edward Island Cres, Etobicoke, ON M6K3C3, CA

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  1. What are the prices like at Gossip? Their website wasn't helpful at all.

    1. We ate at Gossip on Friday, September 2nd after a long day of walking the Exhibition grounds. I must say that I was excited to eat there based on the above review but disappointed in the food and the service.

      First, the food:

      I had a butternut squash ravioli in a very strange apple and cranberry sauce. It was very soupy and not at all pleasant to eat. The server didn't ask why it was largely untouched although she did ask if we wanted it "packed up".

      My dining companion had a burger; it was passable, although overcooked and underseasoned.

      We started with a spinach and mushroom salad with truffle oil and shaved parmesan cheese. Was inedible. The mushrooms were plain old white button mushrooms and the truffle oil was indiscernable.

      The bread basket that was brought to the table was fine (just plain old white baguette, not particularly memorable) but 2 of the 3 oils that accompanied it were completely tasteless. So much so that we asked the server what type of oil it was and she replied that it was olive oil. It was a completely clear olive oil, with no hint of green or yellow colour and certainly no flavour. One of the dipping sauces was a balsamic, the second one was a "hot pepper" and the third was a roasted red pepper dip. That was the only one that had any flavour.

      My children shared a 3 cheese pizza (sans pesto sauce). It was the best thing we ordered. The cheeses (mozzarella, goat cheese and parmesan) were flavourful, the tomato sauce was yummy and the crust was thin, crispy and rolled in cornmeal. Clearly there was some competency with the pizza oven.

      Now the service.
      The restaurant was virtually empty so it clearly wasn't an issue of the staff being overrun with CNE attendees. We ordered a white wine, which the server proceeded to open and pour, without letting us taste it first. To be fair, the wine was fine. The coffee was bland and very weak, much like the whole experience.

      Gossip is a beautiful space and a was a nice respite from the CNE grounds, but would certainly not constitute a destination restaurant in my opinion.

      Gossip Restaurant
      50 Prince Edward Island Cres, Etobicoke, ON M6K3C3, CA

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      1. re: biffy

        I was surprised about the initial review and thought to myself maybe the poster got lucky. I had gone for an event there (VIP event for Beer Fest) and I wasn't particularly impressed by the catered food there and it didn't seem to me that the regular food would be any better. I am wondering how a place like this can stay in business. I guess they must get a lot of event revenue. If they can't be busy during the Ex do people really go there for a meal on a normal day??

        1. re: biffy

          any idea who the chef is?
          a few years ago, their chef was excellent, but i believe he left.

          1. re: atomeyes

            Did anyone else - upon reading the first review - get that bottom of the gut feeling that it was written by the restaurant? I was looking for somewhere to eat near the CNE and saw this, and was instantly turned off.

            1. re: BequiaT

              I did until I clicked on the user's ID and saw that they were not a first time poster who just happened to come across this restaurant.

              I think the space definitely has a ton of potential. It may vary on the day you go there but like I said based on the event I went to their catered food isn't that great so I doubt I would ever pay to go to the restaurant.