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Aug 29, 2011 10:39 AM

Beef Jerky - Smokey Farm Meats in Calgary?

Not sure if any beef jerky connoiseurs are on Chowhound but...

Does anyone remember Smokey Farm Meats that used to be on Highway 1A on the way to Chestermere? For awhile they relocated to Forest Lawn behind Far East Foods, but then they disappeared. They made the best beef jerky. If anyone knows where they relocated, or if anyone makes similar jerky, please post.

Or if you have jerky recommendations, post those too.

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  1. I'm not a total jerky junkie, but I'm a fan of Valbella jerky (available in Calgary at Sunterra). I also like the dried droewors (sp?) at SA meats on Kensington Rd NW. Of course Longview is pretty good too and can be picked up at MEC.

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      yup I am a huge fan of the SA meats on Kensington, it's my favourite so delicious lots of great treats at their shop

    2. I've not been to SA meats in Kensington ( they've been closed when I travel by) but in Edmonton, there is Betsy's Boerewors and they make the most delicious chilibites. Their biltong and droewors are also yummy. If you are going to stop there, then why not also pick up their sausages and also meat pies. They are on Calgary Trail South, not far from a school and next to a dive shop and Dorothy's Appliance, I think. My vote is for the chilebites as they are super addictive.

      1. Yes this was the best jerky and pepperoni around . Better than anything else locally made or even Longview products .
        It is a shame that they are not still around to the best of my knowledge . The original products sold like crazy . I had people selling this product at farmers markets and events . People would come from far and wide to buy for others even . Their non existence today is not based on a poor product by any means .

        1. The original comment has been removed