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Aug 29, 2011 09:15 AM

Cafe Muscat, Queens

Has anyone been there? Is it good? We are trying to decide between there and L'Bella...

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  1. are you talking about sit down lbella or the pizza shop

    re muscat- it depends on what youre lookign for, their breakfasts are pretty good, actually most of the paninis are pretty good as well

    the salads for some reason never have the right consistency, not that they taste unfresh, but the lttuce is always maybe soft, rather than crisp? i dunno if soft si the right word

    really it depends on what youre lookign for

    what i do like about muscta over other milchig places is that they seem to be properly seasoned, a lot fo the main street places under salt everything, muscat does not

    1. i have never been to Cafe Muscat but have had dinner 4 times at La Bella, and 2 pizza stops as well. The food has always been of high quality. Only once, on a Mothers Day, was service disappointing.

      1. When they first opened we went there and it was excellent. A few months later we went and I ordered the fish which initially was a whole fish. Despite the way the menu read they served a filet.

        Despite my protestations they insisted that this was the menu. I was so upset I never went back.

        La Bella, OTOH, each and every time we went, has been superb.

        1. I personally have had very good experiences at Muscat. Food is fresh and good. It is not serious food, and not somewhere I would go for a true "dining experience", but it is perfect for a nice, solid cafe-style meal.

          1. I've gotten pasta and paninis there and they've been good. I've gotten similar things at L'Bella and been similarly pleased. The one time I got fish at L'Bella it was not good; it tasted old, like maybe it had been made from frozen fish or something. It did not taste fresh.

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              It was ok. Wouldnt rush back. In fairness though, they had not planned for a busy Monday lunch-rush and the place was packed.
              The service upset me more than anything- we were three people (one was a child) and they sat us at a table clearly meant for two, even though there were empty seats at 4 seater tables, and people were finishing. We asked if we could have the 4seater table and were told no incase they "get busier". Pointed out that people were finishing soon and that we were three people not two and she argued back at us that if someone leaves they can move us then; needless to say, DH wanted to leave but my son was starving so we stayed. Of course, then a party of 3 walked in and guess what? They got seated at the table we originally asked for!

              Food really just OK. Not sure it was worth the poor service and waiting for- should have gone to L'Bella.