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Aug 29, 2011 07:21 AM

Seattle this weekend

Have tentatively planned the following for this weekend. Have reservations at Delilah Lounge on Saturday night. Would like to do brunch at Revel on Sunday morning and dinner at Walrus and the Carpenter that night. Thinking about Sitka and Spruce on Monday night after doing Boombershoot. Is this a good plan? Any alternative suggestions and feedback would be appreciated. Both Walrus and Sitka have gotten a lot of press lately. Don't want to have to wait for over an hour for a seating. We are staying downtown so will have to cab most places.

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  1. re: Delilah Lounge -- Do you mean Dahlia?

    All good places, but only Dahlia is downtown (Sitka is walking distance, uphill). Ballard & Fremont will be pricey cab rides, but I guess at least you won't have to worry about drinking or parking. However, I'm sure there are many on this board who can recommend more geographically convenient places to get oysters.

    I think Dahlia and Sitka do reservations, and I would strongly recommend making them at both. I don't know about W&C. Revel does dinner reservations, not sure about brunch. You're right, though, you should otherwise expect to wait for all of the above.

    1. Someone from Stika and Spruce called me on sat and told me they are not open for business on mon 9/5 and tue 9/6.