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Sauerkraut Balls- Columbus OH

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Torn between Schmidt's Sausage Haus and The Hey Hey Bar and Grill- I know there are others that serve them, but I want to go to one or the other- which place serves the best?


Bar and Grill
24204 W Lockport St, Plainfield, IL 60544

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  1. I'd go to Hey Hey. Both are good, and I'm no sauerkraut ball expert, but Hey Hey is much more dive-y and fun.

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    1. re: Lauren in OH

      Is it safe to assume the wait at Hey Hey is nowhere near as long?

      1. re: Fibber McGee

        I'd say that's a safe bet. The Hey Hey doesn't usually look too crowded.

      2. re: Lauren in OH


        Ended up going to the Hey Hey, they also had a local beer on draft that I enjoyed as well...