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Aug 29, 2011 07:00 AM

Classic Cooking Show TV Network

Cable/TV Executives, I think it would be great to put together a "Classic Food TV" network featuring old cooking shows. You could have Julia Child, Keith Floyd, Graham Kerr, plus others going back a min. of 20 years. Kind of like Nick At Night does classic TV. Just curious if anyone else here would watch something like that. I know I would love it!

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  1. +1 for the concept. I always enjoyed watching those shows. Graham Kerr was an inspiration to me to get into cooking and good food preparation.

    1. Have you bought any of their DVDs or checked your library for them?

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      1. I would watch it... until the "classic" shows become re-runs of Chopped and Paulla's Party.

        1. Count me in, too, for the Classics. Hey, if Time Life can do 100 oldie songs, why not some really great cooking shows.

          1. I would add the old "Great Chefs..." series from Discovery Channel to the list.

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