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Aug 29, 2011 07:00 AM

High chairs at Zahav or Amada

coming from nyc
looking to take wife and well behaved 2 year old to a decent place.
will go to dinner when the restaurant opens in order to avoid crowds (5PM?)
do zahav or amada provide high chairs?

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  1. Both are good choices. I like Zahav best of the two. I have often felt rushed at Amada and for some reason feel the crowd more there also. Zahav has high chairs pasted the bar by the windows and seats at a small service bar facing the kitchen. However given your timing you should have little trouble landing a table for two by the far windows. Either choice should be fine. I also like the inventive drinks at Zahav.

    1. OOOPs.......Zahav has high chairs and tables but your questions was for the 2 yo therefore you were asking about Highchairs! Sorry I don't know about that, my guess would be yes. But give them a call.

      1. I would call the restaurants and ask. I've seen (and taken) kids to both places, but not when they needed highchairs. If I had to guess, Amada has them and Zahav doesn't, but I don't really know.