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Aug 29, 2011 06:59 AM

fresh buffalo mozzarella-Detroit Metro

With all the fresh tomatoes and basil, I'm going to make a caprese salad. Does anyone know where I can purchase really good, fresh buffalo mozzarella? Specifically in the Farmington and communities nearby. Thanks!

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  1. Found it! Not that close but oh well. Holiday Mkt. Royal Oak. Had no idea how pricey buffalo mozzarella is. So got reg. fresca mozzarella. It was delish with the fresh tomatoes and basil!

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    1. re: Rheta

      and, while out on your buffmoz' road trip, what else did you try and was it enjoyable?

      1. re: VTB

        VTB, what did I try and was it enjoyable? Just went for the moz. I did "try" to get back on to 696 but was in the wrong lane and no one would let me in and ended up going the wrong direction. Not enjoyable!

      2. re: Rheta

        When we were up North last week, we made grilled Caprese sandwiches with the supermarket "fresh" mozzarella (in the plastic wrapper--when up north...), tomatoes and basil from our garden we'd brought up, and Spatz bread...oh my GOD were those good, despite the less than gourmet cheese!

        1. re: coney with everything

          Hey coney, that sounds delicious! I want one of those sandwiches right now!

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            Rheta, I tried making them again the other night with "good" fresh mozz and they didn't work out as well--the fresh stuff is too wet and even our several day old Spatz bread did not stand up.

            Moral of the story: use the mass market fresh mozz or make the sandwich on ciabbata.

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          Plum Market has it; might be a shorter drive from Farmington than Holiday Market is.

          1. re: jjspw

            I don't know why I didn't think of Plum Mkt! I have gone there for items I couldn't find anywhere else. Thanks jjspw!

        3. It was in the case at Costco today. I have bought it from there before and it was good.

          1. There is an Italian market on Middlebelt or Orchard Lake , maybe around 9 mile, and they should have the real stuff. They also have great breads.

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              Cantoro's, Middlebelt between 7 & 8 mile.