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Aug 29, 2011 06:49 AM

Information on buying goods from Nuns/Convents in Madrid, Seville, Barcelona

My wife and I are traveling to Spain in the Fall and would like to know more information about the process of buying goods from the convents/nuns/monestaries. I believe I remember reading something about their being a lazy susan that the exchange happens on as the nuns can not view the public, but that is all I know. How does the process occur and what goods are available (in general) for purchase?

Gracias por su ayuda.

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  1. In Seville there are two where I have purchased Dulces del Convento.

    1. Dulces del Convento Ave Maria inside the Sta. Justa <train station>. It's a little hole in the wall so if you don't see it ask.

    2. Dulces del Convento in La Plaza del Cabildo, across from the Cathedral on Ave. de la Constitucion. Look for a sign on the sidewalk that says ""Dulces del Convento"" as the tiny store is situated inside by a courtyard.

    In Madrid La Tienda del Gourmet in any Corte Ingles <Spains well known dept. store> sell Dulces del Convento. If you're not familiar with the simple packaging you could ask.

    Last Xmas I noticed there was a kiosk selling Dulces del Convento in El Mercado San Miguel. Alas, when I returned 2 months later it wasn't there so it might bee just a Xmas thing. But worth checking if you visit as one never knows.

    Here is a website where these sweets are otherwise available.

    Note the article is from '06, but a few of the conventos have been there for centuries so I'm pretty sure they're still there <g>, but I would call before the visit just in case.

    Good luck and Have fun.

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        Sounds like burgeoningfoodie wants the whole experience of buying the cookies/pastries directly from the invisible nuns. It's not quite the same if you pick them at the train station or at the Corte Inglés!

        On second thought, just to be sure, I would do both...

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          Yes, always good to have a Plan B.


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        This place is is just what you are looking for and is called "Las Carboneras." I like their mantecados de jerez and tocinillos de cielo. They also have little almond cookies and lemon bars. It's in Plaza del Conde de Miranda, close to the San Miguel market.

      2. Also in Madrid, El Jardín del Convento on Calle del Cordón 1, next to the Plaza de la Villa.

        1. In Barcelona, Caelum on c/Palla in the Bari Gotic. There is a cafe downstair that serve their goods. No lazy susan but just a shop that sells sweets, cookies and such that are made by nuns and monks.

          1. There´s a convent on Calle San Bernardo in Madrid - it´s on the right, past Metro Noviciado as you walk towards Metro San Bernardo. NOBODY knows about this one - you are going to have to be intrepid. There´s a door where you can ring the bell and a nun comes out and asks you what you want - they sell "pastas" (cookies) by the box. Good luck!

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                because I´m not giving you (because I don´t know) the exact address, and there isn´t a sign on the door or anything

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                  Oh okay :-) Your paella avatar look incredible by the way.

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                      Couldn't see if it was rice or noodles.

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                  I googled it.

                  The monastery located in calle San Bernardo is called Santa Ana de Bernardos <Cistersians>