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Aug 29, 2011 06:31 AM

Your Time Is Up.......

This seems perfectly reasonable to me....

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  1. That's why there are early and late service reservation at restaurants; the early ones get the time warning, and the last service can stay later.

    IMO, People in general should get a serious dose of social behavior education; when one eats at a restaurant with no reservation (usually not the kind of restaurant to stay and linger); one is expected to eat (at a good pace, but with no pressure from staff) and leave as soon as the meal is finished (+/- minutes).

    1. At the Meatball Shop restaurant in Manhattan, which does not take reservations, co-owner and general manager Michael Chernow said he deliberately bought small tables and uncomfortable seats to encourage people to move on.

      Read more:
      Now this is excessive and downright inhospitable. Too small tables are a huge pet peeve of mine. It pisses me off to no end having to re-arrange the table when I'm trying to relax and enjoy. The uncomfortable seats would keep me away.
      I'll make my own meatballs, thank you!