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Aug 29, 2011 04:24 AM

Pistachio muffins

We were "gifted" as part of a hostess gift a dozen pistachio muffins which we served for breakfast. I barely got a nibble but DH managed to scarf one down before the rest were gobbled up.

The nibble I had was to die for, but a little too sugary for me; DH concurred after I asked him to smudge the green off his face!

Anyone made these and have a foolproof recipe? I imagine I need to locate pistachio paste/puree.

I was thinking of something moist; these were light beige in colour with a pretty even green colorataion, but very strong pistachio flavour, and smooth in texture, no pistachio pces except a few on top.

I know pistachio pudding is hard to find, but I am going to buy some in case I need it.

I found this site with a recipe, but the ones I had were not as dark inside (more pale with nice even spreading of green) and tops were much paler too.

I am wondering if pistachio BUTTER is substituted for regular butter. Would those be interchangeable?

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  1. itryalot, the pudding will def. achieve a tint and flavor that we associate with pistachio and if you want a smooth batter then your recipe is an ideal choice. But, if you want to create a more natural muffin and also enjoy a crunch I'd recommend this recipe:

    Pistachio butter could be sub'd for oil or butter in a recipe, any other type of nut butter called for in a recipe or added to frosting/glaze to enhance both the creamy texture and nut flavor. Subbing for regular butter is possible but I'd go half butter and half pistachio butter and omit any other oils if oil is also listed from any recipe ingredient list and see how you like it. Subbing fats/butters really depends on the recipe.

    Also, while I think of it, a wonderful cake using pistachios is this:

    1. If I may, one more suggestion -- I make this a couple of times each year --
      Terrific pistachio bars.