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Aug 29, 2011 02:44 AM

Back to Bermuda

My husband and I are making a return visit to Bermuda in October. We were there three years ago and had the regrettable experience of eating in Bermuda's worst restaurants, or so I was told here on this board when I later posted a review. I wouldn't say they were all bad but some were pretty terrible. I have followed the discussions here prettly closely since then and have come to understand a lot more about the food in Bermuda. I wanted to avoid the bad food and outrageous prices of hotel restaurants and get a more local feel this time so we have rented an apartment in Sandys and will most likely do much of our dining in the vicintity of Somerset. We won't be renting scooters - those things scare the crap out of me, and will have to limit our taxi usage. Any suggestions for this area? We had lunch at the Salt Rock Grill last time and thought it was okay.

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  1. Firstly welcome back! Places are somewhat limiting in the West End, however I would recommend Freeport Gardens at the entrance to the Dockyard. Great local fish/fish cakes. Very casual 'local' eatery with fair prices. Frog and Onion pub in Dockyard while not being overly gourmet does make a few nice things; the house made savory pies are always good (steak and kidney; chicken; shepherds) and they have good, locally produced beer and ales. Salt Rock Grill, Country Squire are both just OK. Woody's is again very casual -more of a bar at times- but you can't go wrong with a fish sandwich from there. Other than that, consider taking the ferry from Cavelho Bay or Watford Bridge into Hamilton for a late lunch/early dinner (early because they stop running early!). Enjoy your trip.

    1. Lol, I had to refresh my memory as to which one qualified and I'd have to say that it still qualifies, I still don't understand how Tio Pepe is still in business. Bit of a head scratcher really.

      Hungryhog has pretty much nailed it on the head, don't have the sushi at Salt Rock, it's very mediocre. If you don't mind catching buses, you can always putter down to Port Royal golf course and dine at Latitude 64. Steak house like, I haven't eaten there but have heard favourable things mentioned about it. It's located in Southampton.

      Otherwise, your closest bet is heading to Dockyard's and going to Freeport. You have a choice of Freeport (by the entrance to Dockyard), Frog and Onion and Cafe Amici.

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        Bloody hell! Tio Pepe's is still in business??!!?? Someone should burn that place to the ground. Shall I do the honours? I could be safely back in Canada before they figure out whodunnit and no one will be the wiser - unless, of course, they look here.

        Seriously, I did have the sushi at Salt Rock last time we were there and actually liked it but since then I have become a much more discerning sushi fan so thanks for the warning.

        Buses don't bother me and the ones in Bermuda are wonderful so thanks for the Port Royal suggestion. My husband is a happy man with a steak in front of him and I'm partial to a good rib eye myself.

        Went to the F&O last time and it was only okay in my opinion but I do know the Dockyards has more on offer than that and we have already planned to check them out.

        I seem to recall another restaurant across from Salt Rock. It wasn't open for lunch when we were last there. It was very British and pirate-themed. A fish and chips place if I'm not mistaken. Do you know the one I mean? What's the word on that? A bit kitschy I thought but if the food's okay I don't mind and you can't beat a good scoff of fish and chips.

        Thanks for the welcome back. I can't wait to get there.

        Lastly, those 'suck rock' thingies: you mean they're alive? We thought they were ancient fossils. Gues it proves people really will eat anything when pushed.

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          Yes, they are alive, and yes, they are ancient sea thingies!
          Across from Salt Rock is Somerset Country Squire. Nothing exciting there -burgers, maybe a decent curry. Maybe you could get a good fish and chips, English style. Pretty sure it would be imported fish, lots of batter.....
          64 at Port Royal is good for dinner.
          For a special evening walk over to Cambridge Beaches. If you call you might get a table out by the beach for al fresco, which can be nice. Mostly seafood.

          1. re: hungryhog

            I've heard good things about The Cambridge Beaches. Maybe we can stretch to one special meal. This is really a shoestring vacation but I still need to treat myself. Re: Country Squire; maybe I'm thinking of a different place or it's changed its name since we were last there. No matter. I'll let you all know how it went when I get back. Meanwhile, if you have any other suggestions keep 'em coming. We've talked about getting the ferry to Hamilton one evening. If we dine early I think it's possibly to catch one coming back as well. Saving on cab fare is of paramount importance.

            You're creeping me out to think thatthose critters are alive. I thought they were long-dead. I even touched one! Ewwww....

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              I tried to find menus on line for both 64 Degrees and Breezes at Cambridge Beaches but neither of the two resorts publish a menu; rather, there is just a vague description of what's on offer. Can anyone give me an idea of the cost of an entree at either place? Thanks.

              1. re: Higgette

                I'm guessing that at 64 it would be in the $30 median, with some in the 25-30 range, others just higher. This is typical pricing. At Cambridge expect to pay a few dollars more, but the breezes menu is mostly fish, so prices tend to be higher.

                1. re: hungryhog

                  Great, thanks. That's actually less expensive than some of the better places here. The American dollar is also at par with ours at the moment so I've obviously picked a great time to travel. See you soon!

      2. Welcome back....
        I find most of the places up the country ok, nothing exciting, fair at best.

        I recently had a pizza from Tio's - hate to say it...pretty good pizza - for Bermuda standards

        If you do venture into town one night try Bolero! Had dinner there about 2 weeks ago and it was amazing.

        If you are staying an apartment, why not get some snacky stuff from a grocery store / or a couple fish sandys from Freeport or Woordy's and have your own little picnic on a beach.

        BDA$ is always at par with the UDS$ when you are an American coming to Bermuda, we accept the us dollar as we would our own currency...different when a Bermudain exchanges BDA$ to USD$

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          Yes, we definitely plan a few picnics and will make breakfasts and lunches for ourselves. Thanks for the reccomendaiton for Bolero.

          We are Canadian and have spent most of our lives at the mercy of whatever the American dollar is at when it comes to travel and the value we get for Canadian currency. We are thrilled that these days ours equals theirs - and Bermuda's!

        2. I never could quite get why Bermuda never reached the culinary heights of other islands such as Anguilla or Barths....I have never had an OMGosh meal even after 20+ trips. The Reefs and Horizons and Waterloo were always VERY good but never have I had amazing in any of the's been quiet a few years (2006) since I have been back so my reference point is 90-06

          1. I just wanted to say thank you to all who frequent these boards and answer questions for those of us traveling to Bermuda. After reading all the links I could find on Bermuda on this site, I shared my recommendations with out travel partners and we selected Barracuda in Hamilton for our dinner out while in port.
            It was truly a wonderful experience (even on a Monday night). I enjoyed reading all the threads and I learned enough about Bermuda foods to order local (the fish chowder, Wahoo and a Loquat cocktail).
            Thanks again for your time.

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            1. re: Laughlinl

              Any updates for restaurants in the western part of the island? Most of the threads I have seen are 1+ years old. We will be staying at the Cambridge Beaches resort and our breakfast is included. I have seen a few reviews on Trip Advisor stating the hotel restaurants (The Tamarisk Room, Breezes, and Shutters Cafe) are very good. No offense to these reviewers, but I would prefer some fellow Chowhound opinions/recs?
              Will be willing to travel a bit for dinner, but not too far as we will most likely be using taxis.
              Thank you!

              1. re: dennisl

                Hi Dennis,

                Check out the other thread that's going on Bermuda. It's easier than keeping 2 threads and one of the posters was also staying at Cambridge Beaches.

                1. re: dennisl

                  I'll be staying at Cambridge Beaches in October, so I share your interest in restaurants in the western part of the island. Last time I was in Bermuda I stayed at the Fairmont Southampton and really loved the Waterlot Inn. Planning to return.