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Aug 28, 2011 11:44 PM

LQ@SK 8/28-8/30 Menu. Do not miss!

Rarely, does a restaurant knock every dish out of the park. Even some of the best restaurants I've been to were 80-90% successful.

Tonight, Chef Laurent Quenioux was flawless. I keep saying the food is like Ludobites meets Providence with a touch of Pierre Gagnaire. In fact, I would go as far as to say it's as good if not better than some of the much acclaimed 2 seatings prix fixe places in Paris. I thought the food was more creative, innovative, and refined than Spring. Our neighbors thought it blew away Le Chateaubriand. We're talking world class.

Amuse of fried cocks comb served on top of sweetbreads in a chipotle sauce and a wedge of clementine coated in a vanilla sauce. This dish summarizes Chef Quenioux's genius. A master at combining Asian, French, and Mexican cuisine. Only in LA.

The first dish was hamachi with an otherworldly black sesame panna cotta, soy gel, avocado smear, and black sesame powder. That rich black sesame panna cotta is now my top #1 taste of 2011. Words cannot describe how good it is. Paired very nicely with our champagne. Genius on the level the uni tapioca. That panna cotta has got to stay on the menu when his restaurant opens. Wow.

Second was ham hock bouillon, cabbage, poached smoked salmon in lard with lentil cream fraiche. That says it all. The ham hock was wonderfully smoky but also tender and silky. Leave it to Chef Quenioux to take ham hock to the next level! Everyone drank the very last of that wonderful broth.

Next was declination of peas: pea guacamole, pea gazpacho, and seared foie gras over a pea bacon ragu. This was such a hit from last week that it remained on the menu. I'm running out of superlatives here. The foie gras had subtle hints of asian spices and anise which just rocked with our 1995 La Mission Haut Brion. The pea gazpacho was very light. Mix in some of the pea guacamole, and you get a little different flavor. Drizzle some of the juices from the pea bacon ragu and voila, refined bacon split pea soup. It's so good it's sheer madness. Again, perfect French, Asian, and Mexican fusion.

The final course was veal 2 ways. Veal tenderloin tartare served over a tuna salad. "Tonnato Style". Then veal sweetbread with uni lobser coulis. A little side of watercress "spaghetti" which was watercress puree made into spaghetti, a little delicious and judicious nod to molecular gastronomy. A few perfectly roasted baby chanterelles. I mean, can you see the man's genius? Surf and turf, sea and earth. The veal tartare atop the tuna, the veal sweetbreads coated with a uni lobster sauce. Even the vegetables...watercress and chanterelles.

Dessert is very asian. Pandan coconut tapioca, guava gelee, with passionfruit, and green tea emulsion. The pandan coconut tapioca tasted like the classic Vietnamese dessert.

I don't know how many seats are left for Monday and Tuesday but I would highly recommend it. This menu doesn't miss.

Word is, there will be a very special, very decadent, very luxurious, white truffle dinner coming in November...

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  1. Thanks for the heads-up. Must try to attend, if time permits.

    1. thanks for the review! What was the price for the meal?

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      1. re: endyyy

        $45pp. No corkage fee. Not only some of the most innovative cuisine in town, but also one of the best deals.

        1. re: Porthos

          Not a bad deal for a meal that rivals Michelin three star gastronomic temples in Paris.

          But there's the Ant Eggs?

          Also, that November white truffle tasting menu sounds beyond amazing. any idea in how much it's going to run per person?

          1. re: kevin

            Also, can you get the dishes without the pork, in it, and skip the ham hock dish?


            1. re: kevin

              Neither Spring nor Le Chateaubriand have stars. They were designed to offer fine dining in a casual, affordable setting and stars be damned. That's what Chef Laurent Quenioux is offering.

              Unfortunately, the ant eggs are no longer on the menu.

              The truffle menu I hear will run $300+ for 18-ish courses.

              This is the place you want to be open minded and try new things.

              1. re: Porthos

                Thanks appreciate it. And I'm definitely marking my calendar for that 300 dollar truffle dinner too, wow, 18 courses. the real deal. and now that the wolgang puck meals on wheels at 300 bucks is no longer around if i'm not mistaken, i may have a little bit of chump change left over.

        2. Porthos,

          THANKS for posting this! Been way too busy, and am I glad I happened to check in this pm. Called them up and all set to enjoy it with my wife tomorrow evening. We made it to the very first one, and this looks like a notch better than that one...