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Aug 28, 2011 06:59 PM

Passionfruit syrup?

Anyone know where I can find passionfruit syrup? Something near U St./Dupont would be particularly choice.

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  1. is this syrup a drink additive? is it used in cooking an ethnic cuisine? i'm assuming passion fruit juice (or juice drink) would not be apropos? you don't have a brand name perhaps?

    i ask because i love passion fruit flavor, and would be happy to know how it is used.

    guess i'll google now. ;-).
    post-google, i see it is a torani brand product.

    might there be a fancy coffee bar place that uses those syrups that could special order you a bottle? so, where you see torani bottles, just ask.

    for what it is worth, someone on the tiki drink board said that the syrup is largely artificially flavored (if not totally), but the juice is at least partially real passion fruit juice. those juices can typically be found in hispanic markets, and definitely at shopper's food warehouse. i wonder if it'd also be in a whole foods market.

    good luck. please let us know if you're successful.

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    1. re: alkapal

      I imagine it is indeed primarily a drink additive, probably used to best effect in proximity to rum. I was hoping to find it to use in a large batch of Hurricanes. I had hoped to find Torani's version, but unfortunately couldn't find anyone who stocked the passionfruit flavor. From what I could find, Monin makes a similar syrup that is a more highly regarded, but it appears they recently changed their recipe and no longer include a large proportion of actual juice. Too bad. I ended up buying a bottle of passionfruit concentrate at Panam Market on 14th in Columbia Heights. I added a bit of water, a bunch of sugar, and then cooked it down for maybe 5 minutes. If I do say so myself, it turned out great. (I tried Whole Foods to no avail.) Thanks for the help!

      1. re: afdawson

        thanks for the update -- it sounds like you did great with your substitute. actually, it might've been better than the syrup. hurricanes? LOL! those are good to drink -- even if Irene was not!

        when you see your torani folks again, see if they might order you a bottle -- if you pre-pay they might consider it; after all, what is it to them if they are already ordering?