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Aug 28, 2011 05:47 PM

Drinks for a Pregnant Lady

I really REALLY miss my glass of wine a night. Don't get me wrong, i am very excited about babies....but I really miss my glass of wine. I'd appreciate any ideas you may have for pregnant lady "mocktails" I can sip on in the evenings. Especially anything with lemon....for some reason I enjoy anything sour right now.

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  1. Can't help you on the cocktails, but I've been surprised at the flavor of some of the non-alcohol white wines--maybe with a twist of lemon?

    1. I've never been much of a drinker, and now take meds that preclude alcohol consumption. I used to enjoy an occasional gin and tonic but find that tonic water with a wedge of lime is a perfectly acceptable alternative. You might enjoy plain carbonated bitter lemon mixer, and/or ginger ale. Instead of wine, cranberry juice, especially if you mix unsweetened (Trader Joe's has it) with sweetened.


        I've kept this article for NYTimes about mocktails. So many good ones.
        And, congrats!

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          I like alcohol just fine, but boy those mocktails sound refreshing & tasty, thank you!

          An internet aquaintance has recently begun a small business selling bitters, he says they're great with just soda, but bitters *do* contain alcohol, so "Pregnant Ladies" should beware.

          I see that the OP makes her own gingerale -- that sounds good too!

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            Great article! thank you! I'm responding mainly so that this thread gets saved to my profile, although I definitely plan on using some of these.

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              IndyGirl, isn't that article a keeper! I've copied it onto nice stationary and given it as gifts to my daughters friends that are expecting. Glad you found it fun and useful!

          2. Maybe you would enjoy a mojito without the alcohol. When I make mine at home, I tend to use far less sugar syrup and more of the mint and lime. I also like them with muddled berries to add the sweetness and lots and lots of lime! I also like diet sprite (my own dietary restriction - low sugar) with lots and lots of fresh lemon and lime wedges. I buy bags of lemons and limes at costco and use them in everything.

            If you're looking for something a bit more exotic, you could use tamarind paste. Make a syrup by mixing boiling water and paste and then straining to remove seeds. Mix with club soda or a flavored sparking water. I happen to love the taste of tamarind but not everyone does. Also, if you look up Jamaica + aqua fresca you will find many recipes for a drink made with hibiscus flowers that is quite tart and a lovely color. You can adjust the strength, sweetness, or additions to taste. If you wanted it to be more cocktail like, mix with tonic or club soda and add in fresh herbs.

            1. i like making a sparkling lemonade with basil in the summer. i can drink copious amoiunts of it. a variation with blood orange or other citrus and other herbs is good too. grapefruit/tarragon--mmmm.