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Aug 28, 2011 04:43 PM

CNE has the BRITISH CADBURY's Chocolate Bars and other UK goodies...

"Mrs. Bridges British Bakery" is once again at the CNE and carrying all manner of Brittish candy, biscuits, treacle and some condiments...they have 2 in the Food Building (we couldn't find it) and a reasonably sized booth in the Direct Energy Building (southeast corner of the 'B' hall.

To tempt your taste buds look at their website ......(not nearly as much available at the CNE but lots to choose from in the 'sweets'and 'savouries' from jolly old England)..... I love Mrs. Bridges and I'm not even Brittish.....

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  1. Thanks for the tip. Brits definitely know their sweets and biscuits.

    Many a return trip my suitcase was full Rich Tea Biscuits. Some didn't even make it past the Birmingham airport lounge...

    (BTW there's only one T in British).

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      Yes, you're right about the incorrect day at the Ex eating all manner of stuff obviously affected my brain or perhaps it was just another 'senior moment' (those are getting to be a pain!!)

      1. re: pearlD

        You might still be able to correct using the "edit" button. Used it many times myself.

    2. Their store is also in the mall at 1 Eglinton Square [Vic Park & Eg.] year round, for those who don't go to the CNE; they carry Brit chocolates, tea, crisps, etc. as well as baked goods.

      1. Every year they're near the centre of the Food Building, close to Yogen Fruz and St. Cinnamon