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Aug 28, 2011 04:41 PM

Shrimp Dock in Knoxville, TN

Has anyone eaten at either location of the Shrimp Dock Resturant in Knoxville, TN? A review would be appreciated.



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  1. I haven't eaten there, in the strictest sense of sitting there and having a meal.
    I do buy my seafood from them. I also buy their ready-made, frozen meals and everyone of them that I've bought has been as good as I would make. They are also my source for andouille sausage and they even have dried cod (much beloved by certain folks in New England.)

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      Shrimp Dock has a FEW tables and/or picnic benches; would not call it a dining destination. I would call Shrimp Dock a seafood market with a couple of tables. Lunch baskets available Monday-Saturday 11-3 and Sunday 12-3, (Farragut Only).

    2. My wife and I ate at the Shrimp Dock at 11124 Kingston Pike in Knoxville on our way to Kentucky. Brawny is correct that they aren't a restaurant. The only thing on their "menu" are po-boys. The po-boys are GREAT. Cole slaw is excellent also. If you are looking for a lunch break in Knoxville, I recommend this place.