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Aug 28, 2011 03:21 PM

ViPei Bistro - Has anyone been?

I'm quite prepared to do the recon myself as part of an Explore Kingston Road trip I'm planning. I'm not concerned with decor. I just want to know if the food and wine are any good. If anyone has any tips about best things to order, that would be welcome.

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  1. ViPei is my mom's favourite resto and she is picky. I've been a few times and always satisfied for the $. They have quite a fusion approach to things. Sometimes I think it's a bit overdone trying to combine a few too many flavours. The breakfast is an awesome deal and always includes lots of fresh fruit as an included side. I've been happy with steak, pasta, burgers and salads.

    1. I've never been disappointed with anything on the menu at ViPei. Brunch and breakfast items are a good bet; SO likes their Indian King pasta with chicken so much he has it every single time.

      BTW they are opening a new location at 3101 Kingston Road, the same strip as Bye the Bluffs diner.

      1. Yep, as others say, you really can't go wrong with ViPei; same basic menu as Vivetha on Queen E. The food is really good, no matter what you order. They seem to do seafood quite well for the price point. The decor is dumpy, but you said you don't care anyway :)

        2485 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4E1H9, CA

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          I do not. Clean is all I need. Decor's merely extra credit.

          I've been pleased with Vivetha Queen E in the past, but it's no indicator the sister will be just as good. Thanks for the help all. Good to know seafood's the strength. That's hard to find.

        2. I've been to ViPei and Vivetha and I really like them both! My favourite dish is their Tri-colour tortellini, the sauce is SO good! Very heavy though, so be warned.

          Their brunch is good too, I like their version of home fries, it's more like roast potatoes with onions and peppers. They give big portions and it's all really well priced too, like under $10 for most items.

          Depending on when you're going, a reservation couldn't hurt.

          2485 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4E1H9, CA

          1. went here tonight on the recommendation of this thread - looking for something kid-friendly, not too pricey in the bluffs area. was good! our server - the one and only server - seemed a bit overwhelmed, but the food was all pretty good - we had the grilled calamari (a bit on the chewy side), wild mushroom salad (excellent), spaghettini with scallops and bacon and stuff, and the "blushing lobster."

            i was tempted to order the "orange you nuts for this pasta ?!" but chickened out!