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Aug 28, 2011 02:38 PM

Supermarket in Kauai for best Ahi Poke

Just wonder if any foodies know which supermarket should I go to get some good Ahi Poke in Kauai? I prefer somewhere close to Princeville if possible.

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  1. Not near Princeville, but the Costco in Lihue has some pretty good ahi poke.

    1. Not especially close to Princeville, but Kilauea Fish Market gets ono poke. Big Save gets good too most times. In Old Koloa Town the little fish market there is good.

      1. Well Foodland is right there, but Costco is better, just a long ways away. Safeway in Kapa'a is okay.

        1. The best place for poke in all of Kauai is on the opposite side of the island in Waimea town called Ishihara market. You need to try their Hawaiian and wasabi poke. If you have means of cooking you should also buy a pound or two of sweet kauai shrimp for dinner. Ishihara market was where we use to go when we cut school during high school. If you want someplace closer Pono market in Kapaa is close second for poke and great plate lunch.

          1. The market behind the Hanalei Dolphin restaurant is convenient to Princeville.


            Hanalei Dolphin Restaurant
            5 5016 Kuhio Hwy, Hanalei, HI