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Aug 28, 2011 02:21 PM

Crave, Fairfield-still open?

We were going to have lunch here last Saturday, but it was not open. we drove by again at 4:30pm and they were still not open.

are they closed for vacation or kaput?

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  1. I don't believe they are ever open for lunch....and usually open at 4PM if my memory serves me correctly. Maybe they were running late on that particular day.

    1. Sorry, can't help you on hours, but I believe it is still open. I never got there when LoPinto was there.

      1. Is it closed? Just heard it is. Any news? Thanks.

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        1. re: ELA

          I read it was closed in Rosie's column. It was good when Anthony Lo Pinto was there. It was bustling in the pre-Lehman Bros. era. i would not want to own a restaurant in this economy.

          1. re: scarlet knight

            There are new owners. Restaurant is "supposed" to reopen in October but I do not have any definite information as of now. Opening will be posted on my page.