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Aug 28, 2011 12:43 PM

New Italian in North Cambridge

Does anyone know anything about the new Italian restaurant in North Cambridge on Mass. Ave. I think it's called something like "Limpia". Thanks.

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  1. L'Impasto, in the old Bengal Cafe space, a block from Cafe Barada.

    Chef was most recently at the North End's Ristorante Fiore; I am hopeful his food will be significantly better than that.

    That's a name that probably works better in Italian than in an English-speaking town.

    Ristorante Fiore
    250 Hanover Street, Boston, MA 02113

    1. Went there last night - it was one of the worst meals in recent memory, which is what compels me to post. Tasteless, under-salted sauces (though we both had seafood pasta dishes, so maybe others are executed better), and the homemade pasta itself - I would've been happier with a box of De Cecce. I thought I might be esp. harsh since I just had some wonderful homemade pasta in NY (Il Passatore in Brooklyn - so tasty), but my DC agreed. Experience overall was really awkward - we were the only ones there, there was no music or sounds form the kitchen, and the servers were earnest but very inexperienced (our server wrote out the entire names of the dishes we ordered on her pad, transcribing it from the menu - many seconds of silent awkwardness). The one positive note was that the bread they gave us was solid - in fact, a couple people came in to buy a loaf of bread during our meal. Perhaps they should reinvent themselves as a bakery.

      We burst out in laughter after we left - I guess we should've been disappointed to have wasted $$, but wow, did we get a memorable meal!

      1. I haven't had a meal there, but I will say that their breads are really nice and more than generously-sized for $4 apiece. I bought a loaf of olive bread there that was truly gigantic, and they gave me a bag of bread samples to take along. Really nice folks; I'd been hoping the food would be as good as they promised ("Most authentic Italian outside of the North End!"). Maybe business will pick up once they have a liquor license.

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          Has anyone been back to this place and what sorts of bread do they make?


          1. re: retrofabulousity

            I had a meal a month or two ago there that very closely resembled csk's experience. Very well meaning servers, interesting menu, cute space, but terrible, terrible food, including the housemade pasta. But outstanding, terrific bread. They even gave me an extra loaf to take home. I think a bakery might be a good idea for them . . .

        2. Thought I'd bump up this thread to give another shout out to the bread. I picked up a loaf of their white bread to go with a seafood stew at dinner. It was excellent. Nice crust, excellent texture and really nice fermentation. It was a huge loaf for $4. We'll have bread for several days, which is a good thing in this case.

          Today's choices were white bread and foccaccia. I'll definitely head back for the bread soon.

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            1. re: Bob Dobalina

              Sorry to be confusing. My son made the stew (it was really good), and we stopped to get bread to go with it since I remembered a couple of positive posts about it. I didn't check out any of the food while there. It was empty except for a couple of people who had just been seated when I left.

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                Thanks - your post actually was pretty clear - I had not had my coffee.