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stores w/ Scharffen Berger chunks or Guittard wafers?

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Does anyone know if any stores in the DC area carry these? Semi sweet would be the most useful to me. thanks!

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  1. I know that Biagio on 18th (I think between Willard & U) has Scharffen Barger chunks, and I believe they have some Guittard products. Definitely a go-to place for high-quality chocolate.

    1. Whole foods carries bars of scharffen Berger but not chunks

      1. I've gotten the Scharffenberger chunks at either Whole Foods and/or Giant in Bethesda.

        1. I actually found them last week, quite randomly, at Giant in Germantown. I rarely go to Giant (hate the lack of service or open lanes), but there are a few items I can only find there.

          There happened to be a stocker in the aisle and he said they had just started stocking the chunks.

          I was looking for chunks b/c the bars weren't working well for cookies. I could find the bars pretty much everywhere. I guess the chunks are starting to be stocked as well.

          1. Sur La Table in Tyson's 2 had both when I was there a couple of weekends ago. You can also call the SLT in Pentagon City to see if they have them if that's a closer store for you.