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Aug 28, 2011 11:39 AM

Best Pizza In NJ Still Scorintino's !

I grew up in Jersey and now live in the midwest where they don't know what good pizza is. I grew up on Scorintino's who was in Perth Amboy and now moved to South Amboy. I've had pizza all over the world and it's still the best.

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    1. re: Tapas52

      If you live in the Midwest, you haven't tried much in the way of other NJ pizza. Scorintino's is nothing special - I know pizza, quantifying it etc is fairly subjective, but unless you've tried others, your post is nothing more than myopic and irrational exuberance. It may one of the better pizza joints in Middlesex (a county for some strange reason that does NOT, I repeat, does not have good pizza) - but it's not even close to being the best.

      I had my bachelor party in Scorintino's in PA, have had the pie in SA - the sauce is sweeter than that of Tuzzio's in Long Branch (whose pie is very similar to Scorintino's and is but the 3rd best pizzaria on that street - falling far short of Tony's or Nunzio's who make pretty good pie). I know, I know, there's a thread with nearly 400 posts about good to great pizza with Scorintino's barely getting a mention.

      Let me know when you're coming east again. Take a ride down to the Northshore (Sea Bright to Asbury) and I'll have you visit 10 places (and I'll buy) that are far better than Scorintino's. Just an objective retort to a post that is a bit of a reach.

        1. re: creamfinger

          Yupper I guess as objective as I can be of someone who only visits a pizza joint in South Amboy and had an outrageous nomination. Scorintino's is just passable good NJ pizza and nowhere near the level of DeLorenzo's, Papas, and a few other Mercer ones that I've eaten at (2nd generation of the folks who have the spot in Sleazeside that I've patronized in Hamilton when I had a son play fall ball out in Trenton). Then there's Vesuvio's Belmar, Nunzio's LB, Sea Bright Pizza (try their Grandma's pie), Vics - Bradley Beach, Brothers - Red Bank, Luigis (Ocean, and Little Silver), Tony's Long Branch, Squan Pizza ....need I go on. - and for the most part, I've confined it to within 10-15 minutes of my house. As I've said subjective, but most folks who love pie will agree with me, especially if they have ever eaten that sugary pie on John St that is Scorintino's. - If I'm in SA, I opt for the spot on Broadway - Delio's which makes a passable pie - but one goes here for possibly the best eggplant parm sandwhich around.

          Listen creamy, I'm offering the gal/guy lunch on me the next time they arrive in NJ - and I ask that reignyday do so. For someone who has made but one post on CH, I just want to let him/her know that there's so much better out there. Maybe my post isn't truly objective, and my bad on the wording, but i didn't see you mentioning Scorintino's as a spot that you'd travel 30-60 minutes out of your way to have GREAT pizza.

          1. re: JustJake

            Objective ? About food ?

            No way !

            What I say about food is MY opinion .

            1. re: arpad

              since we are giving OUR own opinions on Pizza here are my favorites ........

              1- L&B Spumoni Gardens Brooklyn, NY

              2- Tortones Coney Island, NY

              3- Papa's Trenton, NJ

              4- Delorenzo's Trenton, NJ

              5- Maruca's, Seaside, NJ

              6- Lombardi's, NYC, NY

              7- John's, Bleeker St. NYC, NY

              8- Scalas, Long Branch West End, NJ

              Side note: I'm always open to add to my list as you cant try them all...but, as of today these are my personal favorites for Pizza.

              1. re: Tapas52

                Thanks Tapas, it's Marucca's offshoots in Hamilton that I've had pie at and it's delicious. If I'm in NYC, those pizza joints are definitely in my back pocket as 'go to's'.

                Not getting off point here, but the thread was about the BEST pizza in NJ, & there was a comment that the poster has tried pizza all over the world.

                End of story. End of thread

      1. First of all 'Hounds, let's show a little respect here and get the name right. It's Sciortino's. The pizza at Sciortino's is unique. I only go for the Sausage Pizza. Round pie, crust not too thick, (not too thin either) well done around the edge (you don't have to request well done) topped with a sweet sausage sauce, which makes the pie a thing unto itself. Is it the best? Probably not, but it is one of the most unique in the area, therefore worth a try IMHO.

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        1. re: Herm

          Sorry bout the spelling Herm. It may be very unique (for up there) and it may be one of the better if not best pies in Middlesex - as I indicated, it is a county (Middlesex) in which there is not even a couple of pizza places that are worth driving to.

          Closest great pizza spot is Denino's and that's Matawan (Monmouth County. That is superb pizza. My s-i-l once mentioned a Vitale's (sp lol) on #516, that purportedly has the recipe from Pete's old pizzaria in Old Bridge which I really liked growing up as a kid in that general area. But a bird in the hand is worth far more than two in the bush. I'll keep it local. Hang in there, as will I.

          1. re: JustJake

            Cranbury Pizza Brick Oven is in middlesex. GSeriously great pie. And Jake - if you're in the area, I'll buy!

            Cranbury Pizza
            63 N Main St Ste 2, Cranbury, NJ 08512

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. Where in the Midwest? That's about the biggest region in the US. There is good pizza there, depending on where you are.