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Aug 28, 2011 11:28 AM

It's road trip time! Heading through NE, KS and MO and need a few recs

Will be underway in a coupla weeks and would welcome suggestions. Hoping to avoid chain restaurants at all costs, unless I get a Smashburger craving, of course! Need recs for the following meals:

Breakfast somewhere between North Platte and Lexington, NE

Lunch between Salina and Topeka

Breakfast in Columbia, MO


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  1. Ernie's in Columbia. Diner-ish, student oriented, but more sophisticated than you'd expect. And great people-watching. And look for the original Dick Tracy artist, Chester Lost-His-Last-Name's cartoon tribute to Ernie's.

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      Gould. And don't we miss him (and so many other great comic artists...)

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        Thanks, lemons! Ernie's looks perfect...

      2. I was just around North Platte last week. If I were you, I'd pull into Cozad or Gothenburg and find a busy diner or bar downtown. Look for lots of beat up farm and ranch trucks. We were going to do that for breakfast, but instead went to Lexington to see if they had a mexican resturant that served breakfast (they didn't), but their was a diner that a woman told us was good for breakfast.

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          Thanks for the tip! Always up for an adventure...