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Aug 28, 2011 10:57 AM

lots of fresh tomatoes

My garden has burped forth a bumper crop of fresh tomatoes-- what can I do with them before they go bad? I'm thinking maybe cream of tomato soup? But what else-- I have lots.

Bring on the ideas please! Thanks.

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  1. If you search tomatoes you will find many, many suggestions since this has been an ongoing question for the past month. Hope that helps.

    1. Freeze them or can them. Or dry them. This way you can have them all year.

      1. Not sure what variety you have, but canning is probably your best option. Otherwise, you can just start integrating them into every meal. A tomato salad can be a beautiful thing.

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        1. re: gilintx

          We have been having tomato and cucumber salads, tomato sandwiches, gazpacho, adding them to stews, and soups, roasting them, and now I am starting to can them.

          1. re: JEN10

            Wow, how beautiful, JEN10! For the first time ever I didn't plant tomatoes. I figured I'd get them at the farmers market this year and not fool around with watering, etc. Bad idea, I miss the bounty. Your photos are inspiration for next year!

            1. re: AnneMarieDear

              Thank you AnneMarie, this is my first garden and I am really having fun with it. I put in 13 tomato plants, 12 survived. The 3 Brandywines will be the last to ripen, havent had one yet. The Black Krim are AMAZING!!!!!

              1. re: JEN10

                This is your first garden? You have done a wonderful job! Haven't tasted a Black Krim, must watch for it!

                1. re: AnneMarieDear

                  Black tomatoes are by far my favorite- rich and smoky, they almost taste like they've already been salted.

                  Beautiful tomatoes! Yum!

        2. Marinara sauce is a great way to use up large quantities of tomatoes (and fresh herbs if you have them!). Put the sauce in quart jars and freeze, tastes even better in the middle of winter!

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            or put the sauce into Zip Loc bags, freeze flat, then stack.

          2. Lucky you! I gave up trying to grow tomatoes in this fog belt we call San Francisco. I dream of slices of a sun-warmed tomato with mayo, s&p on white bread — but, I'd enjoy it on multi-grain bread with cucumber and sprouts or fresh basil leaves, too.
            I like the canning, oven dried, and the marinara sauce suggestions. You'll be very happy when the winter doldrums hit.