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Aug 28, 2011 10:51 AM

Childhood foods you would *totally* eat now...

Related to the "...wouldn't eat now" thread. Any specific childhood foods, especially the odd/possibly disgusting ones, that you never lost your love for?

The big one for me is, and probably no one outside of Canada will know about these, Billot Logs (called 'Billot Logs' by all western Canadian children, including myself, who could not speak French). Bright pink cake rolls filled with very sweet coconutty chemical cream and dusted with coconut. I thought these had been discontinued years ago until moving to Montreal and discovering that not only were they still made, but they were SOLD IN BOXES OF 6. Of course, my sister and immediately bought a couple of boxes and ate ourselves to near nostalgic sickness. Still crave them sometimes, and I always give in to the craving.

Also: Cadbury's Creme Eggs, shaved-thin Black Forest deli ham eaten out of the bag by the handful, butter and Marmite slathered toast, popsicles (the totally generic 2-stick kind that come in orange, pink or purple).

EDIT: Remembered another on that qualifies as weird: baby rice/flakes. Yes, the stuff for babies. Mmmmmm.

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  1. Jello 1-2-3. Last time I found a package of it was about 20 years ago at Big Lots. All the writing was in Arabic. Loved that stuff.

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    1. re: jmcarthur8

      I am on a mission to find the REAL Jello 123. Does anybody have any relevant info?

    2. Any of us who have kids are eating that stuff all over again.

      1. Kraft mac and cheese in the blue box. I have no kids or grandkids, but 2 boxes are in the cupboard.

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          OMG. That was my childhood dog's favorite. She knew when my mother got the box from the pantry shelf and propped herself on the counter to watch my mother make it. The chemicals are definitely what made it taste wonderful. My mother's secret recipe was all butter, no milk. Really dry and cheesy, in a good way.

          1. re: middleagedfoodie

            Mine is all heavy cream, no butter, lots of black pepper--and I only use 2/3s of the macaroni.

            1. re: escondido123

              I have never grown out of love for my Kraft mac & cheese....

              My special way is - no butteror milk - just a nice heaping splash of white wine!
              I got that from a CH post a few years back - and indeed, it's wonderful! Kind of a fondue vibe to it.

              1. re: NellyNel

                college years had me eating it with beer instead of milk and butter LOL - but Yum.

                  1. re: NellyNel

                    White wine sounds yummy with mac and cheese. Thanks. I wonder if the white cheddar mac and cheese variety would be the best combo or stick to the tried and true original? I might just have to try both :)

              2. re: escondido123

                Costco has it, but you have to buy something like fifteen shrinkwrapped boxes. It was a struggle, but it scared me to think about how long (not) the big batch would last me. i will buy that somedy, though, and not be afraid to eat them all one by one.

                1. re: escondido123

                  I usually assuage my guilt by buying the frou-frou organic versions, but: box mac and cheese, with frozen peas (not reheated, poured straight from the freezer onto the top of the mac&cheese) on top. Eaten like a hungry teenager while the temperatures still have that reverse-hot-fudge-sundae temperature difference. Mmm.

                2. tapioca,still warm with extra vanilla extract

                  ducking in shame here,Hostess TWINKIES I don't think I actually like them,but they are a great trip back in time

                  THE GOOD HUMOR TRUCK,still might get me

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                  1. re: lcool

                    I didn't try Twinkies until I was a grown-up, and they were like a dried out, less awesome version of a Billot Log. Anyone who likes Twinkies should try Billot Logs!

                    1. re: montrealeater

                      If you like Billot Logs, try the Zingers, with raspberry and coconut.

                      1. re: ipsedixit

                        one grandson loves Zingers,my older brother who was a SNOW BALL addictee doesn't

                        1. re: ipsedixit

                          Omfg those are a total Billot Log ripooff and I must have them. Never seen them here in Canada. Is the chemical cream to cake ratio the same as Twinkies? My 2 problems with Twinkies are: not enough cream and they always taste stale/chewy.

                          1. re: montrealeater

                            It definitely has more cream than Twinkies. Plus, the icing makes it less dry.

                            You might also like Sno Balls.

                        2. re: montrealeater

                          I am part of an Eastern Montana,Western Canada ranching family and know Billet logs.I just can't get around the coconut,only like it fresh.So that said,for you coconut lovers;Hostess makes,made something called "SNOW BALLS" 2 per pack 1 white-chocolate cake,cream fill,white elastic frosting with coconut,1 pink-white cake covered with pink elastic coconut frosting.
                          freshness with twinkies is a real issue,their day has passed and the last 2 times I had a 2 pack-1 fresh 1 not

                      2. I don't think I've ever stopped eating my childhood favorites, including ice cream scooped over warm Sara Lee Pound Cake.

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                        1. re: ipsedixit

                          All of the adults around our house ate cake,cookies,ice cream and fruit things when I was little,so I got my share.But out of home junk snacks took some begging and or groveling.Most likely the big attraction for me.I liked a good peach cobbler more even then.