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Aug 28, 2011 09:45 AM

Gio's Restaurant (Lunch only FiDi: traditional cocktails & solid meal), SF - anyone?

I read about Gio's Restaurant in The Examiner Fri 8/26/11. Only lunch service.

The style is Financial District w/ an Italian accent. They have salads, classic sandwiches, 8-9 pastas, daily specials. Some specials: fish & chips, pot roast, & turkey plate.

Gio's bartender Giovanni Costabile calls the Manhattan the "king of cocktails," & he makes his "smoother" by using brandy. Anyone try it?

Gio's Restaurant
531 Commercial St, SF

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  1. went 3-4 times 4-5 years ago. ok food, not great, kinda dark, old-school, old boozers at bar mixed .with Fi-Di types. i remember liking the carbonara ok, but i can't remember what else i had. probably a club sandwich. never tried their Manhattan.

    1. Ahhhhhh....memories. 10 years ago, my company was based half a block away and Gio's was our "branch office" for vendor lunches and, more importantly, happy hours to commiserate over the implosion of the dot com economy. Food was never innovative or astounding, but I agree that it was "solid" and rarely disappointed.

      Gio's was also great as an afternoon place to grab drinks. Pours were stiff, prices were nearer to the dive end of the range rather than higher-end and they tolerated an atmosphere that was like the mid-90s if you can get my drift.

      FWIW, I haven't been there in at least 7 years.