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Aug 28, 2011 09:21 AM

What is the best food to order at Chunky's Pelham/Nashua?

At this NH Cinema & Pub, I usually order the clueless platter which is pretty good but I'm wondering how good their other food items are (like their burgers, pizza, quesidillas etc.) Any must try items?

The menu:

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  1. I usually stick to the burger - either the Kevin Bacon (bacon & cheese - I like cheddar) or the George Lopez minus guac. If I'm really hugry, I'll get the Chunky burger, which has a bigger patty. I like the boneless buffalo wings (Towering Inferno) but didn't like the quesadillas with the steak tips 'cause they use their marinated steak tips,which have a teriyaki type maranade on them, so it was an odd flavor combo with the Mexican quesadilla.